Super Mecha Champions-Mecha Anime Shooter Mobile Game

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    Fight for your place atop the SMC!

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    Amazing Graphics! Manga-Style Cities!

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    Exchange Fire! Incredible Mecha Brawls!

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    On your marks, set, go!

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    Highly Flexible! Team Up & Claim Victory!

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    Alert! Mecha Threat Detected!




Athletic A-student who strives to be No.1 in everything she does, and also a newcomer to the SMC Contest.


Mech positioning:Specializes in mid/long-range suppression fire

Firefox, heavily modified and reborn, symbolizes resilience and the never-say-die spirit.
The double Gatling MG and shoulder missiles appear simple but pack quite a punch. The two large backside turbojets ensure high short-burst mobility. All these practical weapons make Firefox as powerful as any new Mecha.



occupation:Former ace pilot

Former ace pilot and high-level special agent who quit under unknown circumstance. Currently unable to find regular work.


Mech positioning:Specializes in mid-range attrition and melee burst

Once the ace fighter in the Singularity War, Arthur now returns with chevalier appearance and valiant fighting style to become the most popular Mecha of the league.
The boosters on its back and legs provide great mobility, while the giant sword it wields both deals huge damage and controls a battle.



occupation:Teen idol

Used to be a pro rhythmic gymnast before joining a idol group and possessed uncanny agility belying her gentle appearance.


Mech positioning:Specializes in precision attack with levitation ability

Andromeda is a personal Mecha upgraded from a mass-produced model, designed to complement its pilot with feminine aesthetics.
The salient highlight is the wings that enable the Mecha to maneuver freely through battle. Coupled with its long-ranged bolts, Andromeda is a nimble killing machine.



occupation:Underground Fighter

Ivan was an underground Mecha fight champ but after that he disappeared for a long time, and there are rumors saying that he has a daughter who's been missing for years.


Mech positioning:Specializes in short-range AOE

A behemoth full of rage and fire, Hotsteel inspires fear with its intimidating bulk and smash-mouth fighting style, whether it be an underground brawl of the past or a mecha battle of today.
A stalwart of frontal assault, melee only serves to drive it into a frenzy, overrunning opponent with powerful charges before delivering the lethal combo of shrapnels and Shockwave.




A somewhat caustic girl who has gotten tired of all her toys, she gets in love with the big toy-Mecha.


Mech positioning:Specializes in targeted bombing, able to freely switch forms.

Caramel is modified from the former defensive heavy-armor Mecha and given a special upgrade. It's not hard to guess from its appearance that it belongs to a lady.
While it resembles a cute teddy bear, underestimating it will likely earn you the wrath of its bombardment upon transformation.



occupation:Girl from the Shimizu family

She is the eldest daughter from the famous Shimizu family, who has been bound by family tradition and desires freedom.


Mech positioning:Mobile long-range Mecha, specializing in guerrilla warfare.

Skylark is originally the symbol of the Shimizu family, which created this namesake Mecha. It is appealing for the combination of traditional Japanese styling and modern technology.
The left wing can transform into an attacking bird that also recharges the Lark. Also figuring in its nimble mobility, then it's almost impossible to defeat this Mecha in a war of attrition.



occupation:End Day Enforcer

Weird masked man who spews awkward, mystifying statements.


Mech positioning:AP Energy Cannon, ultra long-range sniping.

No one knows the origin of Gabriel. Some said it's an alien invention, some claimed an mysterious organization is related, while others touted it as the peak of human intelligence.
In any case, its appearance has skewed the level of the competition, by ending enemies with powerful ultra long-ranged attacks before they can even figure out what happened.






Mech positioning:Mecha for trench warfare, able to gain advantage through optimal placement of photon turrets.

Originally a mainstay in the war era, Doomlight has undergone various unique refits in mercenary hands.
There are three small Photon Turrets on its back that, when properly positioned, will teach enemies how it got its name.

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