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150,000 Pre-registrations Achieved!0718


Super Mecha Champions, the first mecha battle royale mobile game developed by NetEase, will be released on July 25th across most of the countries. It is now open to pre-registration, and the number of pre-registered players has reached 150,000! If the number of pre-registered players reaches 200,000, a mysterious mecha can be unlocked free of charge by all players across the server.

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[Luxury voice actors and beautiful characters bring more enjoyment]

Well-known voice actors, such as Rina Sato, Tomokazu Seki, Ai Kayano, Kenjiro Tsuda, are invited to voice the various characters from different backgrounds and with different characteristics-- in exquisite manga-style graphic design and beautiful modelling.Players can summon the coolest mechas to fight with them. All these present an excellent audio-visual feast that you have never had before!

[Near-futuristic manga-style metropolis is your dream arena]

The game is set in a mega city Alpha. It is a sanctuary for mecha amateurs. The city is a dream place for mecha lovers because it not only gathers the highest level of mecha technology but also owns one of the greatest events in the world: Super Mecha Champions competition. In this city, different areas have different landscapes, featuring beautiful and fresh graphic design. Players will feel like they are in a Japanese city, like those in animation, and every battle is like a wonderful battle scene of a Japanese mecha anime episode. You are the most eye-catching heroes, and here is your dream arena!

[Near-futuristic mecha universe and deep bond with mecha]

In super mega city Alpha, players will compete fiercely as star players on the stage of the "Super Mecha League". Players will be able to summon their own exclusive mechas to fight with them. The deep bond between the mecha and the character and the passion about driving mechas in the battle offer players an immersive experience.

[Fierce fights in a 100-player battle with various vehicles and weapons]

The game supports a maximum of 100 players to compete in a single battle. The game modes include single-player game, two-player game and three-player team game, as well as the new team battle gameplay for new player experience. The build-in voice chat function of the game allows teammates to make direct communication. Meanwhile, fancy weapons and hi-tech vehicles are available in the game, which greatly enhance mobility and strategic gameplay, make the battle more exciting and match perfectly with the near-futuristic universe.

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