Super Mecha Champions-Mecha Anime Shooter Mobile Game


SMC Has Been Launched Globally on the Apple Store Today!


  The Anime-Style Mobile Action Shooter Brings a Mecha Twist to the Battle Royale Genre

  NetEase Games has today launched Super Mecha Champions, the Japanese-inspired action shooter mobile game, for iOS. Pilots all over the globe can now suit up and engage in high-action battles for the title of Super Mecha Champion. Download Super Mecha Champions on the Apple Store today and it will be available on Google Play real soon!

  Check out the official trailer here:

  Available to play in battle royale or team deathmatch mode, Super Mecha Champions drops players in an urban battleground where players can collect loot, build a unique weapon loadout, and compete to be the last fighter standing. Battle on foot with nine unique gun classes or in the pilot’s seat of giant robot mechas to take control of the battlefield and crush the enemy.

  Features of Super Mecha Champions include:

  ● Exciting Combat: Strategically navigate the battlefield on foot and then board your mecha to engage in immersive, large-scale machine battles to take control of the field. Each character pilots a unique mecha that offers a different loadout and set of abilities for various styles of gameplay.

  ● Japanese-Inspired Art Style: Navigate through a contemporary cityscape with anime-style characters and battle atop highrises, city streets, and abandoned buildings. Experience feature performances from popular Japanese voice actors such as Tomokazu Seki, Rina Sato, Kayano Ai, and more.

  ● Arsenal of Weapons: Players battling on foot can utilize a wide variety of weapons, including plasma cannons, homing missiles, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, and more. There are options to fit every playstyle!

  ● Team Battles: Team up with friends in team deathmatch mode to execute strategic battle tactics and expand your arsenal of weapons and abilities for a unique gameplay experience.

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