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Dear Pilots: 

To bring a better experience to the players, we have adjusted the "Firestar" ability and modules. All-New "Firestar" will be available after maintenance on September 29th!

1. Modified Firestar's collision effect in sphere form
       To dash forward in sphere form, players will now need to press the button to charge and then release. The damage increases with the time the button is pressed down, and Firestar can dash immediately after the button is tapped. The dash distance has not been changed. When the dash button is pressed, Firestar will stay in the air and keep consuming fuel.

 2. Improved the movement experience of sphere form
       Made the collision and rolling of sphere form smoother and weakened the rebound effect after hitting various obstacles.

3. Replaced the Core Module
       New Core Module 1: Disarm
       When firing with the primary weapon in the right hand, also fires Blazing Missiles from the left hand, dealing area fire damage.

       New Core Module 2: Ring of Fire
       Reserve the secondary weapon button while in sphere form and tap it to shoot flames around you, dealing area damage to a large area and using up secondary weapon energy.

4. Basic Module adjustments
       The previous Core Modules Rapid Meteor and Rush Damage have replaced Rapid Reload and Enhanced Structure as the new Power Module 2 and Defense Module 2.
       The previous Attack Module 1, Wild Blaze, has been replaced with High-energy Fuel and has become Attack Module 2, which increases the damage of the secondary weapon by 6%/8%/10%.
       Changed the effect of the previous Power Module 1, Rapid Charge, to: Charging Speed from collisions +15%/20%/25% in sphere form.





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