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September 5 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


=========September 5 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice=========
Dear Players:
To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo a zero-downtime maintenance at #BO11:00 am (UTC+8), Thursday, September 5#n. Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!


1. New Mecha "Hurricane" is Coming
Speed, intensity, shock-and-awe are words to describe the Mecha "Hurricane" that embodied the traits of an Atlantic storm. The only difference is, you at least get a forecast alert with the real hurricane...
Now, the legendary drill sergeant Veta and her Mecha "Hurricane" have burst onto the scene. Like the real hurricane, underneath Veta's cold exterior lies peace and calm.
Hurricane is capable of transforming between Mecha and aircraft forms.As an aircraft, it can charge and hover for aerial advantage, transforming into Mecha for precision strike when necessary, destroying opponents with aircraft guns and missiles!
A. New Mecha "Hurricane" is here! Buy Hurricane, with 20% discount on the Mecha and its Force S.R.A. skin pack from 09/05 to 09/18!
B. New "Hurricane is Coming" event for players to collect mecha parts by completing Daily Collection and redeem for Hurricane's Mecha Trial Card.

2. Team Deathmatch Upgraded
As participation and passion swelled, the SMC League has completely improved Team Deathmatch, upgrading the game to 5-on-5 and increasing the objective to 50 points! Changes are as followed:
A. Base shield DUR in Team Deathmatch is greatly reduced, but breaking it no longer score points. Regen time for shields remains at 20 seconds.
B. Secondary respawn points added in Port and Alpha Tower. The chance of respawning at a secondary point increases as the match progresses, up to 30%. Post-respawn Invincibility remains at 8 seconds.
C. "Back to Base" will be added in Settings for players to tap and return to base while awarding 1 point to the enemy, with a 90-second CD.

3. New Weapon: Pulse Rifle
Pulse Rifle is a bullpup rifle utilizing advanced electromagnetic pulse technology to fire three rapid bursts. It is more stable than traditional firearms but needs a brief time to recharge between firing.
It is available in Battle Royale, Battle Frenzy and Team Deathmatch. See "Gallery" for details.

4. Background Story Trailer
"They're not gods nor sentinels, just a reflection of the tiny humans in this world."
Players can now watch the background story trailer before the game.


1. Mecha Repair Items
In the battle, the number of repair items tend to have salient impact on the outcome. Currently, these items are highly effective and thus very popular for helping Mecha stay in the fight. To make the expendable resource more valuable and to minimize the "drag" experience in combat, we decided to make the following changes to these items:
A. Decreased the limit for Mecha Batteries one can carry from 5 to 3, increased usage from 6 seconds to 7 seconds.
B. Decreased the limit for Repair Devices one can carry from 8 to 6.

2. Grenade Launcher
The depowering of repair items made grenades a much bigger threat to Mecha. For sake of game balance, we have decided to make the following changes to the grenade launcher:
A. Decreased the explosion radius for grenades from 10m to 8m.
B. Decreased the damage of C/B/A-level grenades on Mecha from 420/432/450 to 390/400/420.
C. Decreased the capacity of C-level (green) grenade launchers from 5 shots to 4 shots.

3. Homing Missile
Homing missiles are expendable mid-range anti-mecha weapon. Compared to the Plasma Cannon, however, players often must put themselves on more dangerous ground in order to get an effective lock on the target. To make homing missiles easier to use, we have decided to make the following change:
A. Increased max lock distance from 150m to 180m.

4. Gun Shield
Improved bullet spread for gun shields to make the spread area more consistent. A gun shield now has different spread areas according to pilot positions, e.g., smaller when pilot is crouching and stationary, and bigger when standing and moving. Players can notice the change in the crosshairs.

5. Doomlight
Pulse Cannon, the primary weapon for Doomlight, affects too small an area at average velocity, lessening its threat against enemy pilots, so we have decided to make the following changes:
A. Increased the range of Pulse Cannon, from 0.3m to 0.4m.


1. Added access for teammates to visit the leader's Lobby. After teaming up, players can visit the leader's Lobby and use emojis, interactive actions, graffiti, etc.
2. New layout for school buildings to celebrate back to school, with a relevant event starting next week. Check it out!
3. Added Clan Leader auto-transfer feature. When a leader fails to contribute Clan Points for 15 or more days in a row, the position will automatically be transferred to another player in the Clan.
4. Pilots on Skateboard can now summon Deformed Car.
5. Added Skateboard's response when making a Skateboard jump.
6. Added 8 unique kill prompts.
7. Added new loading page for spectating only.
8. Added weekly ratings change to record history, effective only for records starting from this update.
9. Added feedback for KO'd player when others are asking for help.



1. Further improved matching algorithm to match players of comparable skills as much as possible, effective in all game modes (though possibly taking longer to match).
2. Improved display for characters and mecha going from still to moving. It's now easier to take aim at rapid-moving targets.
3. Improved lobby hiding. Lobby automatically hides when players tap on "Full View".
4. Fixed the issue where players could not get a teammate match in Squad Mode under some circumstances.
5. Reduced the area to mark landing points in the orbital launch, also reduced the lateral movement speed for flying machines.
6. Improved the rules for League Points. Players of between Gold League Tier and Super League Tier now gain points slightly faster, and won't lose as many points from a bad performance.
7. Improved camera on Deformed Car and spatial positioning AI when transforming.
8. Improved patch download.

Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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