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=========September 12 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice=========


Dear Players:
To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo a zero-downtime maintenance at 11:00 am (UTC+8), Thursday, September 12. Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!  


New Semester Event Available
A new journey starts in the New Semester! SMC League has prepared a series of new semester themed events to keep you company in the new school term!

1. Pilot Battle
We've made some changes to welcome new students in the New Semester! Battle Frenzy will be unavailable for now so try out the new Pilot Battle mode!
A. You can't actively call Mecha in this mode and must fight with your pilot, but there are a small number of neutral Mecha that you can use to give you an advantage.
B. A lot of resources will be available to you, but neutral Mecha will be dropped instead of resource airdrops.
C. The following carry limit changes have been implemented: 1 Mecha Battery; 2 Repair Devices; 3 Skateboards.
D. Neutral Mecha are immune to all damage until they are activated. When a neutral Mecha is activated, it will auto-equip all the modules you are carrying and the skin you configured before the match.
E: Pilot Battle mode is played in duo match-ups and is available at 6pm to 12am on weekdays and 12pm-12am on weekends.

2. Have great fun at school with the New Semester Collection
The New Semester Premium Lucky House will be available from September 12 to October 12. Players can go to the Lucky House to view and collect generous rewards!

3. Added Campus Basketball themed events. Play any match to collect the "Basketball" event item, which can be redeemed for campus themed graffiti. You can also get time-limited event tickets by completing the relevant events.

4. Added a new version reward. Go to the app stores to update the game and get your rewards!


1. Hurricane
Hurricane was the favorite Mecha of many players in the first week of its debut, but this also exposed some problems it had in terms of feel, positioning and balance. In order to make the combat experience more reasonable for this Mecha, we've made a number of feel optimizations and numerical adjustments:
A: Added a jumping ability: The hover button has been changed to a jump button. Tap the jump button again while in mid-air to change it to hover mode;
B: Improved the flying ability: The flight velocity in hover mode has been changed from 13m/s to 15m/s and the resource consumption in hover mode and during propulsion has been reduced by 15%;
C. Increased the damage of its primary weapon, "Aircraft Gun": Damage to Mecha has been increased from 30 to 32, max damage distance decay has been reduced from 35% to 15%, and shooting scatter has been reduced by 15%;
D: Increased the flight velocity of its secondary weapon, "High-Explosive Missile" from 77m/s to 95m/s;
E: Increased the Mecha's shield from 500 to 700;
F. Optimized the feel of transformations to make switching between forms smoother.
G. Adjusted the core module "Precise Guidance": The auto-aim function is now available in both propulsion mode and hover mode.

2. Hotsteel
Hotsteel usually takes a lot of damage in battle due to its poor mobility. However, Hotsteel lacks an efficient means of recovery due to the limit on healing items. To give players who use Hotsteel a more balanced experience, we've made the following adjustments:
A. Increased the Mecha's shield from 600 to 800;
B. Decreased the Mecha's DUR from 3,300 to 3,200.

3. Andromeda and Caramel
In the current version, these two Mechas are highly threatening to enemy pilots, which gives them an evident advantage in human vs. Mecha fights. We've made the following adjustments to make the combat experience more balanced:
A: Reduced the damage of Andromeda's Energy Catapult against pilots, from 65 to 58;
B. Reduced the damage of Caramel's Repulsor against pilots, from 55 to 48.

4. Firestar
In the current version, Firestar's collision skill in sphere form is used widely as an escape skill and not an attack, which is contrary to the original intention of the skill. We've made the following adjustments to strike a better balance between attack and defense:
A. Increased the pre-swing time of the charge in sphere form to give players more time to aim at a target;
B: Optimized the physical performance of collisions against the ground.

5. Homing Missile and Exploder Bot Launcher
After the adjustments made in the previous version, Homing Missile and Exploder Bot Launcher are now a little awkward in battle. We've made the following adjustments to improve the anti-mecha capabilities of these two weapons in short and long range:
A. Increased the lock-on range of Homing Missile from 180m to 220m;
B. Increased the flight velocity of Homing Missile from 92m/s to 108m/s;
C. Increased the damage of Lv. 1/2/3 Exploder Bot Launcher on Mecha from 350/370/400 to 420/450/480.

6. Mecha Battery
At present, the recovery mechanism of Mecha Battery doesn't work well with Mechas that have a lower DUR. To make the item's effect clearer and intuitive, we have decided to make the following changes to the Mecha Battery's recovery mechanism:
A. Changed to immediately recover 600 DUR and then recover an additional 600 DUR over the next 10 seconds;
B. The healing over time of the Mecha Battery can be stacked with the effect duration of the Repair Device, but using the same item again will overwrite the duration of the same item.


1. From today onwards, all players who obtain Hurricane will get a Hurricane themed painting in the game.
2. Added a play video button in the main panel, which can be used to play background story videos.
3. Added a button for bounce block; added customization feature in the character level information panel
4. Spectating system will be linked to the performance of top Hurricane pilots
5. Added animation to the activation of Premium Balls


1. Fixed issues where some characters would get stuck in buildings (downloading latest client from the App Store required)
2. Optimized the matching logic in Team Deathmatch to reduce the matching time required as much as possible while guaranteeing that both sides are of similar strength
3. Fixed an issue in which players may enter Squad Mode solo in Battle Royale
4. Fixed an issue in which airdrops landed on rooftops cannot be reached under some circumstances
5. Optimized the effects of bounce block to make the location after jumping more reasonable
6. Adjusted the time of Team Deathmatch Mode to: 6pm-12am on weekdays and 12pm-12am on weekends (UTC-4, American Server)
7. Improved the reward preview for Chromatic Ball and Lucky Ball
8. Optimized the effects of the themed video playback when entering the game
9. Optimized the full-body image effects of Vita, the pilot of Hurricane
10. Fixed a bug which caused the volume of real-time voice messages to be low in IOS systems
11. Fixed a bug which caused the Twitter Friends list to be displayed abnormally (downloading latest client from the App Store required)
12. Optimized many display prompts appeared while spectating
13. Optimized the appearance of the enemy pilot's HP bar when it is in the distance
14. Enhanced the feedback when some of the pilot's weapons hit targets in the distance
15. Optimized the lens effect of the Pulse Rifle's scope
16. Optimized the image quality and performance of the Lobby in Android systems.

Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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