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=========September 26 Maintenance Notice=========


Dear Players:
To improve your gaming experience, we will undergo a maintenance downtime around 11am (UTC+8) on Thursday, 09/26. You will not be able to login during maintenance. You must download the update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions, as well as the compensation will be sending out!  


Nightfalls are coming, all will be quiet and lurkers will show. Take off your daytime attire and embrace the shadow. It's your time in the night city.

1. All-New Mode: Silent Night
The night is here blanketing the Mecha City. Get ready for Silent Night, the all-new game that's ambushing you in the dead of night!
Players getting matched up in Battle Royale have a chance of going into Silent Night and experience a whole new arena!
A. Nighttime: It becomes night immediately in Silent Night, with reduced visibility and audio visualization;
B. Exclusive Item for Silent Night - Heat Detector: Able to sense heat in a large area to detect enemy mecha and pilot positions;
C. Exclusive Supply for Silent Night - Midnight Crate: Found in the wild, midnight traps summon creeps inside a Midnight Crate. Slay them all to unlock crate rewards.

2. Season 2 Battle Pass
New Season 2 Battle Pass and missions are now available! 9 major limited exclusive rewards, lots of Premium Lucky House tickets, several dozens of valuable items, the best special offers and many perks await you!
A. Value Premium Pass: Upgrade to Premium Pass to instantly get seasonal exclusive rewards such as S-level Joanna skin, S-level Hurricane skin, S2 exclusive entrance effect - Thunderbolt, Manga Iori avatar frame, S2 exclusive avatar frame, etc.;
B. New Redemption System: Get redemption items of higher value (Season 2 Mementos are redeemable). Also, Redemption List for Season 1 is still available for 2 more weeks.
C. Season 2 will span 10 weeks. Complete Season Challenges to get massive Battle Pass Points and improve Battle Pass Level.

3. All-New Tiers and Rankings
New leaderboards for the new season! Season 2 is coming with new tiers and rankings (except Fashion Rankings). Gather allies and fight for supremacy!
A. Tier: Players' Season 2 starting tier will be based on their previous season's result. The higher you finished in Season 1, the higher tier you start in Season 2 (see Season 2 Tier Rollover for more info);
B. Rankings: Players' Season 2 starting rating for Mecha Rankings and Rating Rankings will be based on their previous season's CP (see Season 2 Rankings for more info);
C. Battle Pass Rankings: New rankings based on Season 2 Battle Pass Level.
D. Mecha CP Rankings: New criteria added to reflect the impact of Team Deathmatch on Mecha CP.

4. Adjustments to Chromatic Ball and Lucky Ball
Season 1 Premium Balls are retired when Season 2 starts, all rewards except "Skylark: Fiery Lotus" are added to Chromatic Ball (and partially in Lucky Ball). The chance for SS- and S-level rewards in Chromatic Ball remains at 5%.
The prize pools for both Chromatic Ball and Lucky Ball also underwent following changes:
A. Removed a lot of Trial Card-type items;
B. Removed some appearance items available in the Store.


1. Skylark
Fans of Skylark are enamored with its firing ability on the move, but not so much with its rather mundane damage output and survivability. Therefore, we made the following change:
A. Increased Stab's damage vs. mecha for from 80 to 86.

2. Hotsteel
Because Hotsteel's mobility and missile velocity are subpar, it lacks effective counters in non-melee combat. To improve its overall combat capability, we made the following changes:
A. Decreased cooldown for Explosive Charge from 13s to 11s.
B. Decreased fuel cost for Rocket Propulsion from 20/s to 15/s.
C. Increased velocity for Tornado Missile from 92m/s to 104m/s.

3. Firefox
Firefox is a fire-suppression mecha, but the current version of Firefox is still unable to gain advantage in a straight-up firefight. To improve Firefox's damage output, we made the following changes:
A. Increased Firestorm MG’s damage vs. mecha from 48 to 51.
B. Appropriately decreased the spread for Firestorm MG.

4. Andromeda
Andromeda's Turbojet defense module provided too much mobility boost. To balance the module, we made the following change:
A. Decreased cooldown bonus to Swift Dodge provided by the module from 1s/2s/3s to 0.5s/1s/1.5s.


1. Due to the popular feedback and support, Team Deathmatch is now available from 12pm to 12am (local time) on all servers.
2. Coupons are more useful now. Players can use coupon when spending Crystal for most pilot or mecha appearances.
3. Added some mecha and pilot appearances to the updated Monthly Pass Store.
4. Display for pilot accessories is now available on Ranks and Main Page.
5. New Alpha Night event. Complete themed events and get Battle Pass Points.


1. Improved clan member display and rules for saving chat logs.
2. The server will save all recent chats in General Chat.
3. Fixed the issue of new patches possibly blacking out the screen and improved the authorizing procedure for push notifications.
4. The Battle Royale Duo Mode in Rating Rankings ends in the new season.
5. Continuous improvement for matching in Team Deathmatch.
6. Fixed backpack issue with certain female pilots.

Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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