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=========October 10 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice=========


Dear Players:
To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo a zero-downtime maintenance at 11:00 am (UTC+8), Thursday, October 10. Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!    


1. New SS-Level Skylark Skin: Crysting Eye Papilio
"The wings flutter, their stains shine, who was it in my dream?"
In the cool nights between summer and autumn, people just waking up from dreams can see the Crysting Eye Papilio flutter before their groggy eyes. Its wings are decorated with the so-called “Crysting Eye" pattern. Myth has it one can see long-forgotten dreams in the reflection. Some claimed to see their hometown, some saw people they never met before. But Iori knows she spotted another butterfly in the “Crysting eye."
The debut of the "Crysting Eye Papilio" Skylark appearance is concurrent with its SS-Level appearance upgrade system. You can unlock two additional rare appearances through that, up to the EX form and significantly improve weapons, wings and combat effects!
A. Upgrade Access: Available when Skylark's appearance "Crysting Eye Papilio" is selected;
B. Upgrades: "Crysting Eye Papilio" at level 1; "Dream Revelry" at level 2; "Ethereal Dream" at level 3; EX Form: Improved weapons, wings and combat effects;

2. Season 2 Premium Lucky House: Moonnight
Silent night is revealing the truest form of all that walk, crawl, hide, reborn under the moon.
The new SS-Level Skylark Appearance: Crysting Eye Papilio and all premium appearances of Season 2 Moonnight debut in Season 2 Premium Lucky House: Moonnight! While the Season 2 Premium Lucky House is open, all appearances and personalized rewards get a bonusto the winning chance!
A. S2 Premium Appearances: #BRSkylark: Crysting Eye Papilio (SS), Andromeda: Goddess Atropos (S, S2 exclusive), Iori: Hazama Clan: Nightingale (S), Rom: Dawn Sentinel (S), Gabriel: Midnight Feast (S), Firestar: Iron Purgatory (S);
B. Headwear and Sets: Iori Set: Party Cat, Ning Headwear: Bunny Magic, Ivan Headwear: Brown Bear;
C. Many New Exclusives: New graffiti, new emojis, new actions, new voices;
D. Available: 10/10 - 12/05 (ends when Season 3 starts)

3. New Ayumi Castle is Here
Ayumi Castle, known as the "Faraway Ayumi", has a long history and is very defensible with two sides neighboring the ocean. It has never been breached.
What lurks in the shadow of the Ayumi Castle under the full moon?
A. Ayumi Castle is renovated and features improved resources in all game modes.


1. Temporary bonus shield will show on HP Bar after Firefox performs a Tactical Evasion.
2. Team Deathmatch has a 50% chance of going into night mode.
3. Added Report feature to Spectating Pro.
4. New Black Feather event is available now. Collect and redeem event items for massive Battle Pass points and rare Premium Tickets.
5. Added Alpha Knight result timer to Tier Rankings.
6. Added mecha idling prompts to Mecha Rankings.


1. Continuous improvement for matching in Team Deathmatch.
2. Adjusted facing direction for mechas and pilots on Ranks and Main Pages.
3. Fixed shaky cam glitch when Andromeda sprints.
4. Improved prompts when killed by creeps.
5. Improved control when a mecha jumps at the edge of a terrain.
6. Fixed bug that sometimes stopped Firestar's Rapid Meteor core module from working.
7. Improved the process for characters leaving mecha underwater.
8. Improved display on hits: Removed word displays for explosions and improved word displays for headshots.

Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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