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=========April 30 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice=========



Dear Players,
To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo a zero-downtime maintenance at 11:00 am (UTC+8), Thursday, April 30. Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions! 


1. All-New Mecha Neutron Star Is Here for Testing!
"Semper Fidelis! Defend to the final breath!"
Neutron Star is the property of the Mecha Police Force. It is not a cool, cruel weapon of warfare but a reliable enforcer patrolling the city.
Merging cutting-edge technology with intricate design and amazing power in a light frame, Neutron Star enforces the law nimbly between high-rises in the concrete jungle. High-ROF particle SMG and high-frequency vibration blade grant Neutron Star a powerful offense in its campaign against evil.
Strike like the wind and crush like thunder is the ideal for every elite police officer.
The first week is the test period; Buy the mecha with Crystals in the first week of testing and get the Thornbird skin valued at 480 Crystals for free!
2. Brand-New Bond Now Available Server-wide!
The world of pilots is now open for you. Welcome to their world and uncover their stories.
A. Pilot Ability:
The Bond system has made way to two unique pilot abilities: Character Talentand Mecha Mastery. The two abilities can provide additional buff during battles in Pilot Mode and Mecha Mode respectively.
B. Bond:
Players can now obtain Bond points through battling with pilots and sending them gifts, thus increasing the Bond level between the player and pilots, unlocking Talent Handbook, characters' advanced info, and other amazing rewards. Talent Handbook can be used to increase the ability level of pilot, enhancing their battle impact.
C. All-New Way to Unlock Pilots:
Bond adds a new way to unlock through gifts. Every pilot has their favorite gift. Permanently unlock a pilot for free when you've obtained enough gifts specific to that pilot. You can get exclusive pilot gifts via Commissions, Weekly Activity Crates, Store purchase, etc.

3. Commissions Now Available Server-wide!
Weekly Challenge is unavailable, replaced by Commissions with better rewards.
A. "Commissions" can be found in Mission interface.
B. Schedule: Players will receive a commission at 12am (UTC+8) daily from the SMC. Each commission has a random objective and rewards (including exclusive pilot gifts, skill books, Bond items, etc.). Higher Commission class means better rewards.
C. Limit: You will not receive new commissions when you have 3 commissions on your plate.


1. Adjustment to awarding points for defeats and destructions due to Safe Area.
If an enemy is KO'd, killed, or destroyed due to Safe Area damage within 30 seconds of an attack, points are awarded to the last player to deal damage.

2. New Map Features Added to Team Deathmatch
Springboards and exclusive ally med kits are added for more possibilities in combat.

3. Mission Modification
Talent Handbooks are added as rewards to Daily Missions. Exclusive Choice Packs are added to Weekly 1000 Activity Crates.


1. Modification to Repair Modules
A. Activation time for Repair Device reduced to 3 seconds, restoring 300 DUR immediately and 20 DUR per second for 5 seconds.
B. Activation time for Mecha Battery reduced to 6 seconds, restoring 600 DUR immediately and 4% max DUR per second for 10 seconds (excluding shield). Only up to 2 may be carried at once.

2. Skylark
Secondary weapon "Hunt" no longer penetrates enemy base's force field in Team Deathmatch.

3. Gabriel
Quicker landing spot display before teleportation.


1. Sniper Clash is replaced by Duo Quick Duel.
2. The model of mecha will turn translucent to avoid blocking the view when the mecha is too close to a barrier, jumping, or levitating.
3. A player can mark items in Pick-Up bar after opening it.
4. Tap a module when spectating to view the module info.
5. Improved the collision effects in Port and Ayumi Castle.
6. Tap the top-right icon above Battle Royale in Lobby for introductions to all modes, currently including Cold Clash, Night Mode, and Candy House Battle.
7. Improved the interaction and display for Bond.
8. Improved the graphic effects for accelerating Deformed Cars.
9. Fixed the issue where the voice messages could only be played once.
10. Adjusted the weekly purchase limit for some items in Store.
Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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