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May 28 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear Players,
To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo a zero-downtime maintenance at 11:00 am (UTC+8), Thursday, May 28. Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!
1. Season 4 Extended
Season 4 has been extended for four weeks, with missions for those extra weeks.
2. Pilot Battle Modified
A. In Duo Pilot Battle, a team can only connect to one mecha at a time;
B. No more Large Repair Device to be deployed in Pilot Battle;
C. Now a player can only carry up to 2 Small Repair Devices at a time.
3. Gold for First Victory Increased
A. The reward for first victory of the day is changed to 200 gold;
B. Slightly lowered the Obtainment Efficiency for gold in a match;
C. Conditions for First Victory: Placing top 10 for the first time of the day in Battle Royale, Battle Frenzy, and Pilot Battle, or scoring a victory for the first time in any other game.
1. Complete Mobility Modification
The current mecha and vehicles all have great mobility to provide fun and room to hone their skills. However, on the other side, difficulty and pressure also rise proportionally. To strike a balance, we will make different modifications to mobility in the upcoming period, ensuring a better pace and battle experience. We've already made the following changes:
A. Mecha Vertical Jump: Considerably toned down the vertical jumping distance for Raven, Gabriel, Skylark, and Neutron Star (accelerated); moderately toned down the same for Firefox, Trio of Enders, and Andromeda.
B. Mecha Charging Speed: -15% Movement Speed for Neutron Star when accelerated, plus -8% fuel consumption.
C. Mecha Charging Interval: After Neutron Star or Hurricane stopped accelerating, they have to wait 1.5 seconds before accelerating again.
D. Deformed Car: Implemented fuel consumption and minor decrease to vertical jumping distance. Every leap now costs fuel and it cannot jump again when fuel runs out. Moving or accelerating does not cost fuel.
E. Pilot: -15% height to all basic jumps and Double-Jump with Lv. 3 leg armor (also applied to Iori's Wind and Snow ability).
2. Arthur
Arthur's weapons are based on control, which not only makes the mecha dependent on it to deal sufficient damage but also impinges on other players' fun. Therefore, we decide to make the following changes:
A. 3 Whirlwind Charges with the secondary weapon will not knock back or control opposing mecha;
B. +7.5% damage vs. mecha for both EMT Blade and Whirlwind Charge;
C. +12% fight velocity for Blade.
3. Gabriel
A. -30% swing duration for Teleportation.
4. Raven
A. Increased fuel consumption for Charged Shot charging in midair from 8/second to 10/second.
5. Neutron Star
A. +30% fuel consumption for T.R.S.M in an aerial charge.
6. Mecha Repairing Item Modified
Rename the two mecha repairing items to "Large Repair Device" and "Small Repair Device", with these changes:
A. Large Repair Device
Only 1 Large Repair Device may be carried at a time, now taking 10 seconds to take effect, restoring 1,500 HP instantly, and 4% of max HP per second thereafter for 5 seconds. It will also be available only as airdrop or in a crate.
B. Small Repair Device
Restores 200 HP instantly and 50 HP per second thereafter for 4 seconds.

1. Duo Battle Frenzy is replaced by Duo Pilot Battle;
2. Changed EXP required for character level 200 and beyond;
3. Improved the countdown display for new commissions. Now you can see the countdown for all of your new commissions in vacant Mission Bar;
4. Improved UI response for Gabriel when firing;
5. Improved the rule for standing spot after exiting Deformed Car;
6. Fixed the issue with Free View quitting when a mecha sprints in Free View.
Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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