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June 4 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear Players,
To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo a zero-downtime maintenance at 11:00 am (UTC+8), Thursday, June 4. Top up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!
1. Rom
A. Combat Shield
The duration for Rom's shield created by his talent is too short to be useful in combat. To improve its practicality, we extended the duration significantly but also powered it down:
Temporary Shield: 100 down to 50; Duration: 10s up to 180s (at max level).
B. Combat Control
Improved CD reduction ratio for mecha combat skills, from 5% to 7% (at max level).
2. Ivan
A. Fearless Fighter
Reduced CD for the talent, increased HP recovery and changed instant recovery to recovery over a duration:
When the talent is triggered, the pilot will recover 70 HP in 0.8s (at max level) instead of recovering 30 HP instantly.
Cooldown: 90s down to 60s (at max level).
B. Gravity Amplifier
Improved max conversion ratio for DUR into Shield from 8% to 12% (at max level).
3. Mila
A. Dexterous Tumble
Improved Reload Rate when tumbling, from 100% to 150% (at max level).
4. R.E.D: Strong Interference
A. Extended duration for debuff from 20% to 30% (at max level).
1. Duo Pilot Battle is unavailable this week, replaced by Sniper Clash;
2. Fixed the issue where Large Repair Devices may be picked up multiple times;
3. Fixed the issue where sound effects would be lost in certain situations;
4. Improved the sound effect for Neutron Star's primary weapon;
5. Improved the landing logic for Gabriel's Teleportation.
Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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