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July 2 Maintenance Notice


Dear Players,
To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo a maintenance at 11:00 am (UTC+8), Thursday, July 2. Top up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions! Rewards will be sent by mail for upgrading with the latest update pack.
Sunshine, sweat, cheers, and roars have spread across Mecha City. Whether it's the clash of steel mecha or the slam dunk on a court, the players are always energetic and impressive!
1. New Battle Pass
New Season 5 Battle Pass and Season Missions are here! Nine major Season 5 exclusive rewards (including Rom "Champion Fencer" appearance, Raven "Defending Archer" appearance, Exploder Bot Launcher "Spiral Ball Machine" appearance, and "Summer Sports Meet" entrance effect) and many other resources are waiting for you!
2. New Gameplay: Fun Days of Summer
Battle Royale games will randomly engage Fun Days of Summer mode.
A. In this mode, players will compete under a hot sun, and beach balls will randomly appear. Beach balls have limited movement range and drop random loot when hit, or massive advanced items when smashed.
B. New exclusive Springboard added for players can be called for 30 seconds. You may carry only 1 at a time.
C. New exclusive Basketball Launcher Deformed Car and Tennis Ball Launcher Deformed Car will be added. Suitable for different combat environments, they fire rounds in different trajectories and power to help players stand out in a match. You may carry up to 2 Deformed Car Blueprints for each at a time.
3. New Weapon: Hydra Missile
Hydra Missiles are rapid-firing AP rockets that deal more damage to mecha, but less damage to pilots due to insufficient fragments. Moreover, the high fire rate is at the expense of stability, making the trajectory harder to control. This weapon is available through the airdropped supply crates in Battle Royale.
4. Rollover Tier
After Season 5 begins, players' final tier, Rating Ranking points and Mecha CP for Season 4 will be converted into initial tier, Rating Ranking points and Mecha CP for Season 5.
5. New Season Result Modification
A. Schedule Change for Alpha Knight Results: Result schedule for the Alpha Knight tier is changed to every day at 12am (UTC+8) instead of every Monday.
B. You can gain Mecha CP by playing Iron Arena now. You can also gain more CP points than before in every match.
6. Tier Reward Updated for New Season
Reach Platinum tier to get Neutron Star skin and rare pendants!
New Pilot Personalization is now available for more freedom in customizing their looks!
1. Press the "Customize" button below pilot's skin to enter the personalization page;
2. Available Parts: Costumes, head, face, back, waist, leg, and set;
3. New Tokens: Appearance Tokens and Advanced Appearance Tokens are added for unlocking different accessories (obtained from events, missions, Lucky House, and Store Chests);
4. New Arrival: Some accessories for the initial skin of Ning and Rom, as well as Season 5 Rom "Champion Fencer" set;
5. Integration of Skins: Similar skins for some characters will be counted as "costume" and integrated into Personalization, but acquisition, Charm, etc. remain unchanged;
6. New pendants and skins will be available for more characters. Please stay tuned!
1. Aerial Leap
The aerial leap ability of pilots brought more variety to a battle, but also caused major problems, such as the high difficulty in countering the nimbly dodging players. To improve the experience while retaining the coolness and practicality of aerial leaping as a viable combat option, we decided to implement a "power-up" system similar to tumble/charge for all pilot aerial leaping abilities (A-level Leg Guard, Iori's Wind and Snow), thus circumventing the unlimited usage:
A. Pilots equipped with A-level Leg Guard have 3 default recharges for aerial leap, regaining a recharge every 5 seconds;
B. Pilots with Iori's Wind and Snow talent have 2 default recharges for aerial leap, or 4 if equipped with A-level Leg Guard;
1. Clone Frontline is unavailable this week, replaced by Duo Battle Royale;
2. Improved the display of ACE Time prompts in Team Deathmatch;
3. Improved the performance of Arthur's continuous dash;
4. Fixed missing sound effect when reloading Homing Missile;
5. Select Music added to Clone Frontline;
6. Improved the voice quality for characters in mechas;
7. Added giveaways for update. Players will get rewards sent by mail for upgrading with the latest update.
Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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