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October 29 Maintenance Notice


Dear Players:

To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo a maintenance at 11:00 am (UTC+8), Thursday, October 29. Top up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions! Rewards will be sent by mail for upgrading with the latest update pack.



[New Season 6 - Wild West]

The morning bell tolls, with smoking ruins all over the town. Freedom and glory are inscribed with bullets on the signboard. It's time to set off for a new journey, cowboys!


1. New Battle Pass

New Season 6 Battle Pass and Season Missions are here! Eight major Season 6 exclusive rewards (including Ning "Bounty Hunter", Arthur "Desperado" and Hydra Missile "Desert Saw" S-level appearances, Wild West kill effect) and many other resources are waiting for you!


2. New Mode - Dead Ringer

A. Rules: Players will pilot mechas in 8-minute brawl. After eliminated by other mechas, next time the mecha will respawn as the mecha of the killer's. Players cannot deal damage to the mechas of the same type. When there is only one type of mecha left, the match ends;

B. Mecha Selection: Mechas will be randomly assigned before the match starts. Players can spend Alpha Coin to change mechas. After the battle starts for more than 2 minutes, the player will get a free chance to respawn with another random mecha when eliminated;

C. Resources: Mecha modules upgrade as the game proceeds, with Gold modules airdropped in the first three minutes. Before Gold modules are deployed, mechas will drop Gold modules upon destruction;

D. Special Rules: When there are more than three mechas of the same type, the faction with fewer mechas will gain extra damage and damage reduction buff. After ACE Time, all buff effects are halved.


3. New Items for Battle Royale Mode

A. Extended Repair Kit:

Added a mecha recovery item - Extended Repair Kit. Use to regenerate 0.5% mecha DUR every second for 60 seconds. It can be used both in pilot and mecha state. The recovery effect and duration cannot be stacked;

B. Dog Tag:

In Battle Royale module team, if your teammate is eliminated, a gold item - Dog Tag will be dropped. Only the player in the same team can see and pick it up. Each Dog Tag will gain +10% ATK, which can be stacked.


4. Mecha Appearance Customization Available on All Servers

All-new Appearance Customization is available to make your favorite mecha one-of-a-kind!

A. Stickers: There are 20+ different kinds and styles of stickers now available for players to unlock in Store and put on their favorite mechas;

B. Recolor: You can also change or adjust the primary color scheme of all Class-A and -B, as well as some -S, skins (the rest of Class S skins will be available for modification later);

C. Access: "Customize" button under Mecha Skin on Mecha page;

D. Share Feature: Players can share the completed custom appearances to Friend or Public Chat to allow others to enjoy, or save screenshots to share to other Apps.




1. Assault Rifle

A. Slightly increased scope-on speed;

B. Decreased the damage to hands and legs of pilots;

C. Slightly increased close-range basic damage for green, blue, purple, and rainbow assault rifle: 41/42/44/46 -> 43/44/45/47;

D. Damage range adjustment: Damage peaks before 50 meters, and gently decline after 50 meters.


2. Pulse Rifle

A. Slightly decreased scope-on speed;

B. Decreased the damage to legs of pilots;

C. Increased mid-range basic damage for green, blue, and purple pulse rifle: 53/55/57 -> 61/64/66;

D. Damage range adjustment: Damage peaks between 60-100 meters. Damage will continually increase before 60 meters and gently decline after 100 meters.


3. Increased Auto-aim Damage

Slightly increased the damage of Assault Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Mini SMG, and Gun Shield with scope off in Auto-aim state.




1. Duo Battle Frenzy is unavailable this week, replaced by Dead Ringer;

2. Improved the transition for pilot actions;

3. Improved the issue of enemy pilot movement being pulled back in extreme situations;

4. Slightly adjusted the initial positions of Skateboard's Off, Deformed Car's Transform, and Exit buttons for players to tap easily and avoid accidental actions;

5. Added Auto Jump/Climb features, facilitating long-range movement. Players can activate this feature in Settings;

6. Improved sensitivity augmentation. Decreased the trigger threshold and adjustment range of acceleration or deceleration. Deceleration augmentation will not be triggered with scope off.



Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!


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