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November 12 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear Players:

To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo a zero-downtime maintenance at 11:00 am (UTC+8), Thursday, November 12. Top up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions! Rewards will be sent by mail for upgrading with the latest update pack.




Players getting matched up in Battle Royale have a random chance of entering Hacker Intrusion mode.

A. In Hacker Intrusion mode, the scenario turns into Night Battle with two pairs of teleportals refreshing at random intervals, through which players can teleport to the other end;

B. Special Codes unique to the mode are added for players to accumulate according to battle progress, as well as through collecting special items - Data Gears or quick acquisition in specified areas. Collect 200 Special Codes in a match to unlock Enhancement Access. A killed player drops 25% of the Special Code carried;

C. There are five types of Enhancement Accesses in all, each granting you a different power. You cannot choose the same power twice.




Customize and turn your mecha into the most lethal weapon with the pinnacle of technology! All-new Mecha Mod system will be available for all servers following this week's update!

1. Players have to reach Lv. 6 to unlock this new system;

2. Tech Mod: The system features nearly 30 attack and defense mods for players to modify their favorite mechas on demand;

3. New "Research Components": After reaching Lv. 6, level up and get new "research components" to unlock tech mod options;

4. Module Mod: The old mecha modules will be integrated into the new Tech Mod system with the same features.




1. Firefox

A. Increased capacity for the Fiery Chamber attack module from 10/15/20 to 10/20/30;

B. Improved damage rate for the Firestorm core module.


2. Skylark

A. Increased recovery granted to ally mecha with the Bellowing Crane defense module from 20%/35%/50% to 30%/40%/60%.


3. Gabriel

A. Slightly decreased damage vulnerability for the Aggro attack module from 5%/8%/12% to 5%/7%/10%.


4. Neutron Star

A. Fixed the bug where accelerated sliding would be triggered when landing after Whirlwind Slash;

B. Slightly decreased movement when performing Whirlwind Slash;

C. Increased movement when using the Retractable Bayonet.


5. Gun Shield

A. Slightly decreased the shield's bulletproof surface;

B. Added HP Bar visible to attackers on the shield.




1. Dead Ringer is unavailable this week, replaced by Clone Frontline;

2. Improved victory prompt in Battle Royale;

3. The location of a killed teammate in Battle Royale is now noted as part of the map info;

4. Optimized information display in battles;

5. Fixed the issue with multiple leaps showing on the Jump button when a pilot is on a Skateboard;

6. Improved the action display when a pilot jumps or shoots during a jump;

7. Added explosion sound effect when a mecha is destroyed;

8. Adjusted titles to fit the different levels of Mecha Proficiency.


Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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