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December 3 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear Players:

To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo a zero-downtime maintenance at 11:00 am (UTC+8), Thursday, December 3. Top up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions! Rewards will be sent by mail for upgrading with the latest update pack.




Model and sticker performance upgraded for the following mechas:

Arthur "Ice Meteor", Caramel "Undefeatable Bear", Caramel "Col. Teddy", Doomlight "D-054: Worker Bee".




1. Hotsteel

As a mecha relying on suppressive firepower, Hotsteel tended to stick mainly to the Tornado Missile for attack. Therefore, we made the following changes:

A. Thermal Fusion Missile provided by the Soul of Steel module is now secondary weapon feature, and the original Overheated feature is reclassified as Special Skill;

B. The damage for Thermal Fusion Missile for new Soul of Steel now increases with overheating energy. Firing the Thermal Fusion Missile will exhaust all energy from overheating;

C. Explosive Charge no longer requires fuel to initiate, with a minor increase to the fuel cost for continual climb with Rocket Propulsion.


2. Firefox

A. Increased damage for each round of Twin Missiles vs. mecha from 120 to 125, and decreased damage vs. pilot from 30 to 25;

B. Decreased damage for every Raging Missile vs. pilot from 28 to 23.


3. Doomlight

A. Minor increases to sprinting speed and movement speed when firing.


4. Hurricane

A. Minor decrease to velocity when hovering and increase to flight velocity when charging;

B. Minor decrease to hovering speed when switching from charging to hovering.


5. Neutron Star

A. Increased fuel cost for jumping, decreased fuel recovery rate;

B. Decreased speed bonus when charging in midair, but increased duration;

C. Decreased horizontal velocity when jumping in a charge.

D. Increased capacity for Double Energy Blasters from 36 to 40;

E. Increased the damage of every stage for Retractable Bayonets.


6. Homing Missile

A. Increased damage vs. mecha for purple and gold Homing Missile from 600 to 700 and 680 to 760, respectively.




1. EXP Manual Box

EXP Manual Box is now available in Store. Use it to improve Player EXP with the EXP Manuals inside.


2. Weekend Login Reward & Wednesday Supply Depot

Weekend Login Reward and Wednesday Supply Depot events are launched, refreshed every Wednesday and Friday.



Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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