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February 8 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear Players,

       To bring you an improved gaming experience, we will undergo online maintenance on Monday (UTC+8), February 8. Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note that you must quit the game and download the update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions.

       Spring Spin will begin from 2/11 to 2/24, featuring S+ "Night of Dancing Dragon" appearance for Ventorus, S+ "Wealth & Prosperity" for Caramel, S "Auspicious Snow: Winter" for Mila, and other special skins! Redemption rebates, appearance collection rewards, and many concurrent promotions also await!

       1. Valentine's Surprise Lucky House
       The Valentine's Surprise Lucky House will open from 2/14 to 2/24, featuring S+ "Pure Vow" appearance for Joanna, S "Black Vow" for Ivan, S "Love Float" for Firefox, as well as various weapon skins and prizes!
       2. Collect and redeem Valentine's Day Rose for exclusive entrance effect
       "Codename: Love", the Valentine's Surprise Lucky House event, will run from 2/11 until 2/24. Complete missions and get Valentine's Day Roses redeemable for prizes and exclusive Valentine's Day entrance effect!

       Great Spring Festival perks and loads of gifts are waiting for you! Make Mecha City special this Spring Festival!
       1. Lucky Chinese Knot
       Event Time: February 8 (after the update)- February 24 (UTC+8)
       Event Rules: By joining battles and completing Spring Festival event missions, players can collect Chinese Knots and exchange them for heaps of exclusive Spring Festival rewards. Exclusive New Year Skateboard skin, special accessories, limited avatar frames, Skin Cards, Permanent Mecha Cards, and other rare rewards await you!
       2. Surprise Lucky Bag
       Event Time: February 8 - February 17 (UTC+8)
       Event Rules: Get New Year Lucky Bags by winning your first battle of the day or collecting daily mission rewards to open the lucky bags and get lots of random item rewards! You also have the chance to win Chromatic 10 Draws, Permanent Mecha Cards, or other rare rewards!
       3. New Year Battle Bonus
       Event Time: February 8 - February 17 (UTC+8)
       Event Rules: Join battles during the event for massive EXP, Gold, Mecha Proficiency, and Pilot Bond! Team up with friends to get extra Point Protection chances!
       4. New Year Login Reward
       Event Time: February 11 - February 24 (UTC+8)
       Event Rules: During the event, log in every day to claim the Spring Festival sign-in reward. Claim the rewards for 8 days to open an extra New Year Crate!
       5. All Mechas Free for Limited Time
       Event Time: February 11 - February 15 (UTC+8)
       Event Rules: All models are free to use during the event! Enjoy the thrill of different battles to your heart's content!
       6. Treasure Order
       Event Time: February 8 - February 18 (UTC+8)
       Event Rules: Purchase the Spring Festival Treasure Order to get a limited Year of the Ox headwear. Gain Activity points to claim Chromatic 3x draws.
       7. New Year's Eve Greeting Cards
        Event Time: February 11 - February 18 (UTC+8)
        Event Rules: During the event, unlock 1 Mecha City cartoon every day and create greeting cards for your friends and family to win rewards!
       8. Higher Probability for Limited Time
       Event Time: February 8 - February 25 (UTC+8)
       Event Rules: During the Spring Festival, there is a higher probability to draw Ning's S-level themed skin, Spring Garden in the Chromatic Lucky House!

       No Mecha 5-on-5 battles! Challenge your skills like never before!
       In this mode, pilots engage in a 5-on-5 battle in a special scenario without using any mechas, scoring 1 point for every opposing pilot defeated. The first team to reach 60 points wins. To ensure a good combat experience, pilots cannot use certain weapons and items. Please refer to the in-game mode calendar for the mode schedule.

       After using Meteor Impact to knock away obstacles and enemy targets in its sphere form, Firestar will now return to its human form more quickly, which makes subsequent operations smoother.

       Teammate Battle Comments
       When in a battle, players can now quickly communicate with teammates with in-battle comments. This feature is currently only available in Battle Royale Mode. Players can choose to enable or disable this in Settings - General Settings.

       1. Improved the resolution of shared images;
       2. Improved the measurement of player matching scores to more objectively measure the comprehensive strength of each player;
       3. Improved the matching algorithm in Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch to make match waiting times and match strength more reasonable;
       4. Improved the matching system of simulator user matching queues to increase the intensity of matches;
       5. Improved the scoring efficiency of tier league points in Team Deathmatch Mode;
       6. Added an option to rotate the mini-map in Team Deathmatch;
       7. Adjusted danger marks to make them all red;
       8. Added different interactive KO dialogues for characters;
       9. Adjusted the movement speed of skateboards so that it is according to the pushing range of the joystick;
       10. Now, when right fire is enabled, the shooting button will not overlap with the aiming button;
       11. Improved the overall sound effects under low image quality and the volume of skateboard sound effects;
       12. Added a transformation sound effect for some mechas in the Display;
       13. Improved the model and wielding action of grenade launchers;
       14. Fixed an issue that caused homing missiles to face the wrong direction when crouching;
       15. Fixed an issue that caused emoji to not be fully displayed when they are used in the Lobby;
       16. Fixed an issue that the module of Gabriel could not be changed;
       17. Improved the description text of some skins;
       18. Adjusted the level restriction for using small speakers to speak;
       19. Fixed some bugs affecting beginner stages;
       20. Fixed an issue that caused players to be repeatedly taken to the stage selection page after the device is changed;
       21. Improved the button status of the Growth Fund, Monday Gifts, and other events;
       22. Improved the pilot page sharing feature and added an option to draw drafts to the pages of some mechas.

Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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