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March 18 Maintenance Notice


Dear Players, 

To improve your gaming experience, we will undergo a maintenance downtime on Thursday, March 18 (UTC+8). Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!




1. New Season 7 Battle Pass and Season Missions will be released!

9 major exclusive rewards for Season 7, including "STF Unit" appearance for Rom, "Codename Eagle Eye" appearance for Raven, "Eternal Slumber" appearance for mini SMG, "Unseen Shuriken" kill effect, and ample bonuses await you!


2. Premium Redemption Extended

Vanguard Returns pool has been extended to 4/7/21 (UTC+8).


3. Change to Season Challenges

Optimized the Season Mission page and lowered the difficulty for some missions.




Lillian, the Angel of Public Safety, is on an urgent mission! New pilot Lillian has arrived in Mecha City. Buy the pilot before March 31 and get a free A-level "Protocol Officer" skin;




All pilots can now give gold to friends via Friends List! Gold sent to you can be accessed in Mail - Friend Mail, and you can give gold in return.




1. Hotsteel

As the most durable mecha in Mecha City, Hotsteel combined excellent survivability, damage output, and mobility in one, making it perhaps too overpowering in most battles. Therefore, we made the following changes:

A. Decreased total damage dealt by Tornado Missile from 508 to 480;

B. Decreased attack speed while rampaging by 8%, and unified reload time in rampage for empty and non-empty clip to 2 seconds (from 1.8s and 2.2s, respectively);

C. Decreased saturation damage for Explosive Charge from 800 to 600;

D. Decreased speed for vertical charges with Explosive Charge (leveled charges not affected).


2. Raven

Increased base explosion area for Charged Shot from 2m to 2.5m.


3. Skylark

Increased damage for Stab vs. mecha from 89 to 95.


4. Andromeda

+10% Flight Velocity for Energy Catapult.


5. Boltus

No more speed falloff when diving with Lightning Charge.


6. Pulse Rifle

A. Adequate interval reduction for 3-burst fire;

B. Adjusted the curve for damage-to-range ratio: Max damage from 0m to 40m before falloff begins (previously extra damage up to 60m, max damage from 60m to 100m, and falloff beyond 100m).




To simplify things and maximize the value of different tokens, we've decided to streamline all SMC tokens starting Season 7, removing R-Cards and Advanced Appearance Tokens. Details below:

1. Starting Season 7, all R-Cards and Advanced Appearance Tokens are no longer to be seen;

2. Items redeemable for R-Cards or Advanced Appearance Tokens in the Store now correspond to Alpha Coins and Appearance Tokens, respectively;

3. Currently owned R-Card are auto-converted at the ratio of 1 R-Card = 1.5 Alpha Coins;

4. Currently owned Advanced Appearance Tokens are auto-converted at the ratio of 1 Advanced Appearance Token = 3 Appearance Tokens;

5. Conversions will begin and be sent to the inbox on the day of the version update.




1. Adjusted Daily and Weekly Activity Chest rewards;

2. Improved display for pilot's double jump;

3. Improved image details after activating scope;

4. Fixed the issue where players could not complete the "Redeem 1 Mecha Tech" mission in Rising Star Program under certain conditions;

5. Improved display and uses for small speakers.


Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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