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June 17 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear Players,

To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo a zero-downtime maintenance on Thursday, June 17 (UTC+8). Top up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions! Rewards will be sent by mail for upgrading with the latest update pack.

       Unicorn hovertank, the first multiplayer vehicle in Mecha City, is here!
       1. Unicorn will randomly appear in the main map of Battle Royale for players to find and use;
       2. Unicorn can carry up to three players: One driver who controls the vehicle's movement and shoots with the front machine gun up, one gunner who operates the heavy machine gun on top, and one co-driver who is free to use any pilot weapon;
       3. Unicorn has a comparatively high DUR (5,000) but will succumb to intense assault and cannot be repaired.

       All-new Affinity social feature is now available! Build up Affinity by teaming up, giving each other gifts, and other interactions! Get rewards for different levels of Relationships. Hook up with buddies and pile on Affinity now!Players can enter the Relationship system on the Friends page.
       1. How to Get Affinity
       You can improve Affinity with gaming buddies through the following:
       A. Give Gold for +2
       B. Spectate and Like for +1 per day
       C. Team up in any mode for +3
       D. Team up and make top 5 in Battle Royale or win Team Deathmatch for +4
       (The maximum Affinity you can get with any friend is 150 per week through the above means. You can get bonus Affinity by giving special Affinity Gifts and the points do not count toward the weekly limit.)
       2. Relationship Level
       A. At 100 Affinity, you and the friend form a bond and receive the Lv. 1 Relationship Badge. The Relationship is shown in both of your profiles;
       B. At 200 Affinity, it's Lv. 2 Relationship and shown in Team Up-related pages/activities (Lobby, landing, Results, etc.);
       C. Relationship becomes Lv. 3 at 300 Affinity and you can share purchased mecha with the friend in Team Up;
       D. Relationship becomes Lv. 4 at 500 Affinity and the Relationship Badge advances to Lv. 2;
       E. Relationship becomes Lv. 5 at 700 Affinity and you get exclusive Relationship graffiti;
       F. Relationship becomes Lv. 6 at 1,000 Affinity and you get a +5% landing bonus when you team up in Battle Royale;
       G. Relationship becomes Lv. 7 at 1,500 Affinity and the Relationship Badge advances to Lv. 3;
       H. Relationship becomes Lv. 8 at 2,000 Affinity and your RSQ time to aid each other is reduced by 10%;
       I. Relationship becomes Lv. 9 at 3,000 Affinity and you get an exclusive mecha sticker;
       J. Relationship becomes Lv. 10 at 4,000 Affinity and you can name the Relationship;
       K. Relationship goes up a level per 1,000 Affinity thereafter, and you get an exclusive mecha sticker every 5 levels.
       3. Remove Relationship
       A. You can request a cancellation application, and you cannot form any Relationship with that friend for seven days after cancellation, though Affinity score is retained in the meantime. If the friend is offline for over 14 days, you can remove the Relationship without that friend's confirmation;
       B. Deleting a friend will remove any Relationship and all Affinity you have with that friend.

1. Added color options for customizing crosshair;
2. Added options for customizing Core Modules;
3. Added on/off switch for weapon skin display in item slots;
4. Improved refresh feature for the Avatar Frame page;
5. Fixed the issue where the camera could not turn automatically when viewing hair accessories in Personalization;
6. Added the option to skip the video on the welcome screen after 10 seconds;
7. Improved Joanna's Little Angel accessory's complement to the Blue Rose skin;
8. Fixed the issue where some players could not give the Vita-exclusive Special Drink "The Horizon" gift in certain situations.

Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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