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August 19 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear Players,
       To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo online maintenance on Thursday, August 19 (UTC+8). Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!

       "A new faith shall inundate the new era.
       The bird quiet for a hundred years,
       will finally warble at daybreak."

       SS-level "Valkyrie Hilde" appearance for Andromeda is back! S-level "Ragnarok" Silver Deacon appearance, S-level "Viking Berserker" Hotsteel appearance, plus many other season-exclusive weapons and vehicle appearances are now available in the Season Premium Pool! Meanwhile, it also features "Premium Pack", "Premium Rebate", and "Collect for Reward" events. After the Premium launches, you can get Premium Tickets on the Premium Pack event page for the first three days when you log in to the game.

       Mecha City will be getting a new novelty: Meow Tokens. All pilots can pick them up in Mecha City, bring them back to their Lobby, and spend them for Lobby Skins and other items in the Store!
       Meow Tokens will replace ACE Badges in all Battle Royale games other than Candy House mode. In Battle Royale and other competitive games, you can pick up Meow Tokens either in the scenarios or by defeating an opponent and collecting the tokens dropped.
       In other modes, you're assured of Meow Tokens in a certain quantity after the match is over, based on KDA and damage dealt. 

       1. How to withdraw Meow Tokens in Battle Royale? 
       A. Meow Safebox: Meow Tokens gained in games go into the Meow Safebox first. A player still gets everything saved in the Meow Safebox in a defeat. 
       B. Meow Backpack: The winner of a match can withdraw all Meow Tokens, or just those in the Safebox if quitting before making the top 5. Quitting when you're in top 5 entitles you to all Meow Tokens in the Backpack.
       C. Meow Mailbox: There are several mailboxes throughout the map for players to deposit their Meow Tokens. All tokens saved in this way can be withdrawn from the game. 

       2. What are Meow Tokens for? 
       A. Because there's a limit to how many tokens you can save with Meow Safebox, Meow Mailbox, and Meow Backpack, you can spend Meow Token to increase their capacity. 
       B. Use Meow Tokens to buy different Store Appearance Skins, at different costs for different levels, with Lobby Appearances and redeemable skins to be unlocked later.

       The SMC has created two new action poses for every mecha, available in the Meow Store now! After buying them with Meow Tokens, go to Mecha - Customize Appearance - Display Action and equip to show off the new poses in the Lobby and Match Result page. It's unlocked in AR Camera as well! More actions are in the works, so stay tuned!

       Complete Fairyland season missions from August 19 to August 26 for Secret Realm Keys to unlock great prizes!

       1. Added two springboards in Extreme Sportsground to expand access from the lower level to the upper level;
       2. Fixed the issue with Trio of Enders' muzzle flash being too bright;
       3. Introduced Tactical SMG and Light Rifle in Arms Race and Weapon Master;
       4. Improved the quality and performance of scenario f/x in Team Deathmatch;
       5. Added vibration customization for successfully matching to cut down on how long it vibrates;
       6. Added displays for weapons you can pick up of different modes in the introduction to Battle Royale;
       7. Added "Preview" feature for special mecha actions in the Meow Store;
       8. Fix the issue with the "Unlock" button still showing when you can't get some paintings.

Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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