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October 28 Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear Players,
       To improve your gaming experience, we will undergo a maintenance downtime on 4pm, Thursday, October 28 (UTC+8). Top-up and matching features may be unavailable in the interim. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!

       Turn back the clock and relive the prosperity of Original Island...
       Steam whistles blow, steel clash, machines make musical notes above the sky.
       The mystery behind the birth of giants that history has forgotten 
       shall soon be revealed.
       New Season 10 Battle Pass and Season Missions are here! Season 10 exclusive rewards (including "Tycoon" for Caramel,  "Plaguedoctor" for Silver Deacon, "Bronze Hunter" for Smart Exploder Gun, "Solemn Organ" for Hydra Missile, "Mechanical Countdown" kill effect) and many other resources are waiting for you!

       The Halloween Havoc prize pool is here! S-level appearances such as "Gentleman of Baker Street" for Rom, "Blanche Manor Maid" for Ning, "Healthcare" for Joanna back for a limited time with other accessories. Free first drawing also waiting for you!

       1. Halloween Party Week 
       Activate to get Energy Crystals and Tickets. Log in for 7 days and get prizes every day. Premium Ticket also awaits!
       2. Halloween Parade Prize
       Top up and get prizes like exclusive Halloween entrance and kill effects!
       3. Halloween Party
       Sign in 7 days from October 28 to November 11 and get the exclusive Halloween bonus!
       4. Trick or Treat
       Join "Trick or Treat" and complete missions between 10/28 to 11/17 and get Bat Dolls redeemable for S-level "Endless Track" weapon and many other prizes!
       5. Login and Get Coupon for the New Ranger Mecha
       The new mecha is coming! Sign in daily between 10/28 to 11/11 and get a coupon for buying Ranger, up to 30% off when you buy with Crystals!

       To balance the performance of certain mechas and modules, we're making revamps to the following mecha modules:
       1. Knight's Core for Arthur
       Will now activate on its own, but with slightly reduced bonus.
       2. Falcon Fury for Skylark
       Every hit with primary weapon reduces tactical skills in CD by 0.12s.
       3. Heat-Seeking Barrel for Andromeda
       Secondary weapon can track opposing mecha and paralyze target for 0.2s when hit.
       4. Enhanced Engine for Andromeda
       Significantly decreases primary weapon spread and replenishes 3.5 fuel on every hit with primary weapon.
       5. Elegy for Raven
       Deal +15% damage for 10 seconds after using a tactical skill.
       6. Spread Shot for Raven
       Changed to firing 3 shots, with significantly more damage for single shots at a massively reduced spread.

       All-new pilot weapon! Fully automatic shotgun capable of rapid fire, spitting out rounds like a rainstorm to shatter every obstacle in close range. 
       The Rainstorm Shotgun is now available in Training Ground, Team Deathmatch, and other casual modes. For Battle Royale, the weapon will replace Shatterstar Shotgun in Hacker Intrusion, Cold Clash, and Night Mode. It is not available in Snowy New Year's Eve, Fun Days of Summer, or Candy House Battle.

       1. Unicorn Hovertank
       Due to excessive HP, the Unicorn is the absolute only choice for solo combat, yet the slow movement makes it a rare sight in multiplayer games. We've decided to balance its HP and speed so it will be a tank shuttling through battlefields rather than a lumbering fortress.
       A. Increased Movement Speed from 15m/s to 23m/s
       B. Decreased HP from 4,000 to 2,800
       2. Firefox
       A. Increased Firestorm MG's damage vs. mecha from 60 to 62;
       B. Slightly increased the burst limit for the Firestorm core module (from 30 to 40), slightly decreased the damage increase for burst (from 1% to 0.9%).
       3. Skylark
       Increased Hunt's damage vs. mecha from 500 to 540 and damage vs. pilots from 100 to 108.
       4. Neutron Star
       Increased Retractable Bayonet's damage vs. pilot for the first two attacks from 30 to 25.
       5. Doomlight
       Increased Photon Shield tactical skill's shielding from 2,000 to 2,200.
       6. Andromeda
       Increased Guided Javelin's instant damage vs. mecha from 120 to 130 and delayed damage vs. mecha from 400 to 408.
      7. Alborada
      Increased Light Missile Barrage's damage vs. pilots from 35 to 36 and damage vs. mecha from 126 to 135.
       8. Exploder Bot Launcher
       A. Removed screen effect and slow debuff from an Exploder Bot hit;
       B. Appropriate increase to Exploder Bot's movement and damage.

       1. Reduced the speed increase for the express passages in Alpha Tower and Crimson Valley for Team Deathmatch, down to 150%;
       2. Further improvements to the clarity and volume of many combat sound effects for Michael;
       3. Fixed the issue with Boltus getting stuck in shorter obstacles when moving or charging under certain conditions.

Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!


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