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March 17 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear player:
        To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo online maintenance on Thursday, March 17 (UTC+8). Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!

        SS "Centurion Augusta" for Arthur, S "Fiery Lotus" for Skylark, S "Lava Hunter" for Gabriel, S "Summer Racer" for Joanna, S "Phoenix Rising" for Iori, and many other season-exclusive weapons and vehicles are also back for a limited time! Meanwhile, it also features "Premium Pack", "Premium Rebate", and "Collect for Reward" events. 
       After the pool launches, players who have reached 10 can get Premium Tickets on the Premium Pack event page for the first three days when you log in and play. The guarantees for previous Vanguard Returns pool do not roll over to this one.

       Layer upon layer of mist with peaks rising higher and higher,
       Deep in the misty mountains, an unknown song echoes...
       An inter-dimensional urban fantasy is about to begin.
       1. Hongya: Night Lights is Here!
       Log in and share missions during the event to get Emoji and Avatar Frame.
       2. Hongya: Fog in City is Here!
       Hongya Premium Go is now available, with over 530% in prize value and Premium Tickets!
       3. Hongya: Story of Creepy City is Here!
       From 3/17 to 4/14, accumulate top up for various prizes, including Avatar Frame: Hongya Night, Animated Avatar: Jiu Chong Hongya, and other exclusive rewards!
       4. Hongya: Divination Letter is Here!
       Completing missions grants Spirit Bells, and clearing the special stage: Hongya Cave grants players S "Greased Lightning" for Exploder Bot Launcher, Premium Tickets, and other amazing gifts!

       1. Caramel
       Caramel has performed well in all modes after the previous enhancements, from its much improved appearance rate and win rate. Hence, the Mecha City Division has decided to cool down this fiery bear by adjusting its primary weapon's fire rate and reducing its primary and secondary weapons' damage.
       Reduced Primary Weapon Fire Rate: 1.4 shots/sec > 1.2 shots/sec.
       Reduced Primary Weapon Damage to Pilot: 44 > 40, Reduced Damage to Mecha: 231 > 220.
       Reduced Secondary Weapon Damage to Pilot: 120 > 100, Reduced Damage to Mecha: 660 > 600.
       2. Flamenco
       Flamenco stands out in mid to long range matchups with its explosive ability, and with the addition of its module, it can inflict considerable damage at both ranges. Hence, the Division has decided to retain Flamenco's original explosive characteristics but chose to reduce its margin of error and long range damage.
       Slightly increased its primary weapon's spread each shot and Flamenco's maximum spread limit.
       Reduced Shield: 700 > 500.
       3. Pulsar
       A mecha masterpiece—Pulsar made its stunning airborne debut in Mecha City, pioneering a new generation of popular mecha. As its effective DPS and AVG DMG per match are significantly higher than other mechas in all modes, and its core module grants it an overwhelming damage, some adjustments were required.
       Reduced Human Primary Weapon Fire Rate: 6.7 shots/sec > 5.6 shots/sec.
       Reduced its first 3 shots' damage after switching to Cannon from its 1st Core Module: 10% > 8%.
       Reduced its 2nd Core Module Damage Bonus: 10% > 7%.
       4. Andromeda
       Judging from data performance and pilots' feedback, Andromeda's current performance in high level matches is a little lacking. However, as Andromeda's graceful airborne fighting form in Mecha City is something the Division hopes to retain, her mobility and DUR will not be overly adjusted. This time, her secondary weapon's cooldown is reduced to increase her primary weapon's margin of error.
       Decreased Secondary Weapon Cooldown from 12s to 11s.
       5. Arthur
       We discovered that in battle, Arthur's high mobility coordination required meticulous controls, had a very low margin of error, and was prone to awkward battle range distances due to the cooldown of its secondary weapons or teleporting skills. Therefore, the Mecha City Division has reduced its slashing cooldown in hopes of reviving the Knight Mecha's former glory.
       Decreased Secondary Weapon Cooldown from 12s to 11s.
       6. Hurricane
       Compared to Hurricane's ability of soaring through the air and scanning the battlefield, its damage ability is currently weak. Hence, the Division has decided to increase its damage output.
       Increased Primary Weapon Damage to Mecha from 30 to 32.
       Increased Secondary Weapon Damage to Mecha: 330 to 351, increased its 2nd Core Module Damage to Mecha from 180 to 189.

       1. Fixed the issue of some Pulsar skins are displayed incorrectly during color adjustments.
       2. Fixed the issue when releasing the fire button during Pulsar's transformation could cause it to fire in advance.
       3. Fixed the issue that Pulsar's air dash could eject pilots from the mecha.
       4. Fixed the issue of Pulsar's transformation would indicate an error occasionally even when there's sufficient space.
       5. Fixed the issue of Tier Point Protection Card did not work under certain circumstances.
       6. Lowered the probability for Origo Island map in Battle Royale accordingly.
       7. Further improved Origo Island to reduce lags and crashes.
       8. Fixed a lot of the overlapping, lighting, and resource allocation issues with Origo Island.

Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!


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