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November 03 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear player:
        To bring you an improved gaming experience, we will undergo online maintenance on November 3 (UTC+8). Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during this time. Please note you must quit the game and download the update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!


       Bullets fall like rain and cannons make thunder-like blasts. The clouds gather as the enemy approaches...
       Your fated enemy is here. How will humans turn the tide?
       SS-level "Crimson Terminator MX100" appearance for Trio of Enders, S-level "Call of Victory" appearance for Lillian, plus new exclusive appearances for many Season Collection weapons and vehicles!
       The prize pool also comes with Premium Pack, Premium Rebate, and Collect for Reward promotions!
       After the pool launches, players of Lv. 10 or higher can get Premium Tickets on the Premium Pack page for the first three days when you log in and play!


       1. Trick or Treat Signature
       Log in and sign in every day during the event to claim lots of Mecha Proficiency Chips!
       2. Phantom Party
       Complete missions every day during the event to get chances to flip cards and clear stages. Complete all stages to get the "Raven - Dread Fang" skin and other great rewards!
       3. Weapon Supply Depot
       Accumulate top ups during the event to get lots of great gifts, including dynamic avatars such as "Lillian's Animated Avatar", the "Crimson Terminator" avatar frame, and other exclusive rewards!


       1. Fixed an issue that caused mecha to change color after they are hit by Arthur in extreme situations.
       2. Fixed an issue that caused the mecha to appear invisible after it is summoned in extreme situations.
       3. Fixed an issue that caused the models of some destructible items on the map to disappear after they are destroyed.
       4. Optimized the visual effects of the match results page.
       5. Optimized the display effects of accessories in the Lucky House. The appropriate lens will now be automatically applied when previewing accessories.
       6. Added a system broadcast that can be sent to friends after you obtain a SS/S+ reward. Your friends will get random item rewards after the blessing. This feature can be disabled in Settings.


        We're dedicated to creating and maintaining a fair, harmonious environment for competition. We prohibit hacks, scripts, add-ons, and other illegal third-party software, as well as adhere to a zero-tolerance policy regarding any behavior that could adversely affect the gaming experience. We will regularly release and update the list of offenders for any transgressions related to the issues above, and we welcome reports from any player so we can keep this a fair game for everyone.
        The regularly updated banned list can be viewed on official platforms, such as the official channel or communities.

Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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