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March 16 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear player:
       To bring you an improved gaming experience, we will undergo online maintenance on March 16 (UTC+8). Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during this time. Please note you must quit the game and download the update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!
       Freyja has arrived on a path of moonlight with the stars at her fingertips
       Stars carrying seeds of love cross the river of dawn, sending warm dreams to the other side
       S-level "Freyja's Dream" appearance for Serena, A-level "Kikyo" appearance for Moon Rabbit, S-level "Small Puffer Fish" appearance for Flying Machine, and other new appearances are now available!
       An Avatar Pack event corresponding to the prize pool will be available at the same time. Share the game to claim Tickets and purchase packs to unlock exclusive avatars!
       A mecha hunter who specializes in hunting animal-shaped AI, the ability to scout ahead to obtain information from far away and quickly reach its prey in close range is the key to Guerilla Hunter's success. In battle, it can use its air imaging device to generate continuously moving projections to confuse enemies, as well as its warp speed engine to leap to one of its projections to launch a surprise attack when necessary. In medium and long-distance combat, Guerilla Hunter will first use its Detection Crossbow to shoot a special bolt that can continuously transmit positioning signals at enemies. After obtaining its enemy's location information, it can then use its rifle to strike the enemy precisely. In close-distance combat, Guerilla Hunter can use its powerful pump-action shotgun to launch powerful and accurate attacks to finish the game quickly.
       Hidden in the shadows, the hunter reigns supreme. As the guardian of the forest, Guerilla Hunter will take care of any uninvited guests who disturb the peace of the forest.
       The Guerilla Hunter Mecha Pack is now available. Buy it now and get a free A-level skin!
NEW EVENTS        
       1. Language of Love
       Language of Love is available from March 16 to March 30, with over 530% in prize value and Cupid Tickets!
       2. Guerilla Hunter Special Training
       Complete missions to claim the Updated Mecha Pack and a chance to directly get the new mecha Guerilla Hunter!
       3. New Pilot Preview
       A new pilot is coming! Share unlocked puzzles to claim great rewards. Share for 5 days to listen to the Pilot Voice in advance.
       4. Spring Planner
       From March 16 to March 30, log in during the event to claim points and get an A-level Weapon Appearance Choice Card!
       1. Moon Rabbit
       Increased mecha DUR from 2,000 to 2,100.
       2. Neutron Star
       Increased the secondary weapon's cooldown from 4.6s to 5s.
       3. Skyfall
       Increased the primary weapon's damage vs. mecha from 123 to 126.
       Reduces the primary weapon's reload heat dissipation efficiency from 120 Heat/s to 80 Heat/s.
       4. Aurora
       Reduced the Max Energy of tactical skills from 110 to 100.
       5. Boltus
       Increased the lightning mark's lightning damage vs. mecha from 180 to 195.
       6. Michael
       Increased the secondary weapon's first stage and second stage dagger damage vs. mecha from 63 x5 to 70 x5.
       Increased the secondary weapon's third stage dagger damage vs. mecha from 51 x9 to 58 x9.
       Increased the damage vs. mecha of Core Module 1 Meltdown Command's feather explosion from 30 to 34.
       Increased the secondary weapon's first stage and second stage dagger damage vs. mecha of Core Module 2 Overload Command from 60 x9 to 67 x9.
       Increased the secondary weapon's third stage dagger damage vs. mecha of Core Module 2 Overload Command from 60 x12 to 67 x12.
       Reduced the cooldown of tactical skills from 8.4s to 8s.
       Laser Gun
       Removed the characteristic that allowed the Laser Gun to penetrate the defenses of some mecha.
       1. Added 3 universal Tactical Chips to Team Deathmatch Mode:
         Primal Foraging: After dealing damage to an enemy mecha with less than 30% DUR, increase the mecha's movement speed by 20% for 2s.
         Iron Coalition: After destroying an enemy mecha, instantly restores the Shield of friendly mecha within 30m by 100.
         Volcanic Eruption: After assisting in the destruction of an enemy mecha, increases the height of the mecha's next jump by 50.
       2. Adjustments to the effects of Caramel and Trio of Enders' exclusive Tactical Chips:
         Bear Paw Rocket's new effect: Reduce the cooldown by 3s if a tactical skill destroys an enemy mecha.
         Weapon Master: Increased the primary weapon's damage bonus from 7% to 9%.
       3. Optimized the Sticker Pack preview screen so that players can now preview the items in Sticker Packs and see their corresponding probabilities.
       4. Optimized the League Pass Frame adjustment feature so that players can now go directly from the Premium Lucky House to the League Pass Frame's Assemble screen.
       5. Optimized the effects of the SS-level "Wild Bee Meteor" appearance for Ranger.
       6. Fixed an issue that caused the animation to become abnormal when opening Premium Balls under extreme circumstances.
       7. Fixed an issue that caused Hurricane to not block missiles correctly while flying under extreme circumstances.
       8. Fixed an issue that caused the display background of the SS-level "Big Tony" appearance for Ranger to sometimes be missing.
       9. Adjusted the location of the Badge redemption button in Magic Hunter Mode and added this button to the button customization settings.
       A strange person has appeared in the Training Ground.
       We're dedicated to creating and maintaining a fair, harmonious environment for competition. We prohibit hacks, scripts, add-ons, and other illegal third-party software, as well as adhere to a zero-tolerance policy regarding any behavior that could adversely affect the gaming experience. We will regularly release and update the list of offenders for any transgressions related to the issues above, and we welcome reports from any player so we can keep this a fair game for everyone.
       The regularly updated banned list will be announced at the end of every month and can be viewed on official platforms, such as the official channel or communities.
Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!


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