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March 30 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


       Dear player:
       To bring you an improved gaming experience, we will undergo online maintenance on March 30 (UTC+8). Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during this time. Please note you must quit the game and download the update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!


       Bats light up the lamps in the castle as crows lift the red moon into the sky
       The phantom of the night hides in the shadow of the moon—A shadow has returned to end all enemies with an arrow to the throat!
       S-level "Shadow Watcher" appearance for Raven, A-level "Yellow Dwarf" appearance for Pulsar, and the S-level "Spirit Realm" appearance for Cryo Gun will be available in this prize pool. All pilots of Lv. 5 or above get one free draw!
       Getting the "Shadow Watcher" appearance for Raven unlocks the advanced prize pool where you can get Appearance Upgrade Cards to unlock exclusive S+ version!


       From March 30 to April 2, engage in a fantastic 5v5 merfolk brawl!
       Mecha's stats are increased across the board in this mode, and pilots' stats will also be increased:
       1. The rules of Team Deathmatch apply to Supreme Merfolk Battle, but matches are shortened to 8 minutes.
       2. Increased the DUR of all mecha, as well as the fuel recovery rate. Reduced the mecha call time to 10s.
       3. α Overload Mecha: Firefox, Caramel, Trio of Enders, Ventorus, Boltus, Alborada, Michael, Flamenco, Guerilla Hunter.
         Greatly increased rate of fire and reload rate .
       4. β Speedbreak Mecha: Arthur, Skylark, Andromeda, Firestar, Hurricane, Neutron Star, Ranger, Pulsar.
         Greatly increased max fuel and movement speed and greatly reduced the cooldown of secondary weapons and tactical skills .
       5. Ψ Ironwall Mecha: Hotsteel, Doomlight, Northern Knight.
         Greatly increased DUR .
       6. Ω Finisher Mecha: Gabriel, Raven, Aurora, Snow Mirage, JOJO, Skyfall, Akashic, Tempest, Moon Rabbit.
         Greatly increased damage dealt .
       7. Special adjustments have been made to some mecha. Specific details can be viewed in the game.
       8. Greatly increased the mobility of pilots, adjusted their damage dealt, and increased their max HP to 50.

       Message from Fishhead the Producer: My stats are insanely high now! Come and have some fun in the Merfolk Fools' Party!

        NEW EVENTS

       1. Joyful Merfolk Fools'
       During April Fools (April 1-3), play games every day to unlock the gifts of the day!
       2. Merfolk Explosion
       Added fishhead targets to Battle Royale Mode. Players who destroy these targets will get a random amount of Fishhead Coins.
       Fishhead Coins can be used to redeem Badges and other items on the event screen. Collect 400 Fishhead Coins to get a limited-time title!
       3. Field Trip Gift
       From March 30 to April 13, log in and sign in every day during the event to claim lots of Mecha Proficiency Chips!


       Added a surrender system to Team Deathmatch and other Preselect Modes:
       When it is detected that a player has disconnected in the Ready phase, if the AFK player hasn't reconnected 3 minutes after the match starts, the other players in the team can vote on whether or not to surrender the match.
       1. To surrender, all online players in the team must vote in favor of surrendering.
       2. Players who are disconnected when the vote is carried out do not get to vote.
       3. The match will end early if all players agree to surrender. The surrendering team will lose the match and the other team will win the match.
       4. When a match ends by surrendering, the match earnings of will be adjusted appropriately for both teams, and the disconnected players will still receive AFK penalties.


       Akashic no longer remains in a shooting stance after shooting is canceled.

       Guerilla Hunter
       Decreased the pump-action shotgun's damage vs. mecha from 48 x15 to 40 x15.
       Reduced the cooldown of tactical skills from 7s to 6s.

       Increased the lightning mark's lightning damage vs. mecha from 195 to 200.
       Reduced the cooldown of tactical skills from 10s to 9s.

       Reduced the cooldown of the secondary weapon from 9.5s to 9s.
       Reduced the fuel cost of jumping from 15 to 13.
       Reduced the fuel cost of tactical skills from 16 to 14.

       Increased the primary weapon's damage vs. mecha from 170 to 180.

       Reduced the secondary weapon's damage vs. mecha from 125 x12 to 117 x12.
       Reduced the secondary weapon's damage vs. mecha of Core Module 2 Raging Missile from 112 x16 to 106 x16.


       1. Added 4 universal Tactical Chips to Team Deathmatch Mode:
         Cruise Tech: Deals damage to an enemy mecha 100m away, then increases damage by 8% for 3s.
         Ironblood Core: When DUR is lower than 15%, the primary weapon gains 25% Leech for 3s. Cooldown: 60s.
         Full Speed Ahead: Increases movement speed by 50% after calling the mecha. This bonus decreases over 5s.
         Mecha Scout: After destroying an enemy mecha, sets a detection circle that marks nearby enemy units for 2s.
       2. Adjusted the respawn points of Base Raid Mode so that the last respawn points won't be particularly close to either side's base.
       3. Optimized the action display for Tempest's secondary weapon Raging Wave Shuriken.
       4. Optimized the effects of the S-level "Mirror Motion" skin for Aurora.
       5. Optimized the effects of the SS-level "Valkyrie Hilde" skin for Andromeda.
       6. Optimized the lighting effects of pilots in the Lobby.


       We're dedicated to creating and maintaining a fair, harmonious environment for competition. We prohibit hacks, scripts, add-ons, and other illegal third-party software, as well as adhere to a zero-tolerance policy regarding any behavior that could adversely affect the gaming experience. We will regularly release and update the list of offenders for any transgressions related to the issues above, and we welcome reports from any player so we can keep this a fair game for everyone.
       The regularly updated banned list will be announced at the end of every month and can be viewed on official platforms, such as the official channel or communities.

Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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