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December 14 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear players,
       To bring you an improved gaming experience, we will undergo online maintenance on December 14 (UTC+8). Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during this time. Please note you must quit the game and download the update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!
       Let's share the beauty of the graceful moon and enjoy each other's company!
       Appearances such as S-level "Luminary Bunny" for Norma, S-level "Auspicious Clouds" for Mediator MG, and A-level "High Voltage" for Explosive Sniper Rifle have returned!
       An Avatar Pack event corresponding to the prize pool will be available at the same time. Share the game to claim Tickets and purchase packs to unlock exclusive avatars!
       Nocturnal Whispers
       Complete and share new season content for 4 days to get a season-exclusive title!
       The Pilot Talent Skill swapping feature is now available. Reach the Bond level conditions to mix and match your favorite pilots and skills freely!
       1. Own 10 pilots to unlock this feature.
       2. Reach Bond Lv. 12 with a pilot to unlock their skills so that other pilots can use them.
       3. Reach Bond Lv. 15 with a pilot to replace their skills with the Talent Skills of other pilots.
       4. When the new skill is higher level than the skill being replaced, the original skill's level will be applied.
       5. The above conditions do not apply to specially invited pilots (Riko and Kizuna AI).
       Team Deathmatch
       Reduced the waiting time on the matchmaking confirmation screen of Team Deathmatch Mode from 30s to 20s.
       Battle Royale - Magic Hunter
       Sustainability Potions will no longer be usable on vehicles in this mode.
       Reduced the "Twin Bolt Rifle" primary weapon's clip size from 24 to 20.
       Reduced the damage dealt by the "Twin Bolt Rifle" primary weapon after it decays with explosion distance.
       Delayed the time required for Blind to take effect from 1.3s to 2.5s.
       Reduced the duration of Blind from 1s to 0.3s.
       Weakened the screen obscuration effect of Blind.
       Weakened the visual obstruction effect of smoke.
       Increased the cooldown of the "Tactical Advance" tactical skill from 4.6s to 5.6s.
       Adjusted the damage reduction bonus of the "Versatile Fighter" defense module from 10%/15%/20% to 8%/12%/16%.
       1. Added appearance quality tags to the Mecha and Pilot pages.
       2. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the red dot to be displayed abnormally when viewing Affinity.
       3. Optimized the display of Twilight's model when it attacks.
       4. Optimized the hit determination of Akashic's tactical skill, resolving the issue that sometimes caused it to lose the target in extreme situations.
       5. Optimized the visual experience of sharing operations to make sharing smoother.
       Increased the "Firestorm" MG primary weapon's clip size from 50 to 60.
       Increased the total damage of the "Gemini Missile" secondary weapon from 1,080% of basic ATK to 1,680% of basic ATK.
       Adjusted the effect of the "Comprehensive Enhancements" Mecha Breakthrough. Instead of granting immunity to all damage while dashing, the skill now grants immunity to all damage while the tactical skill is in effect.
       Increased the "Raging Wave Shuriken" secondary weapon's damage from 200% of basic ATK to 250% of basic ATK.
       Added a new "Ninjutsu: One Heart" Mecha Breakthrough effect to grant immunity to all damage while the tactical skill is in effect.
       Removed the "Ninjutsu: One Heart" Mecha Breakthrough's effect that increased the secondary weapon's hit range by 20%.
       Increased the damage of "Thunderbolt" from 200% of basic ATK to 240% of basic ATK.
       Increased "Static Body's" Thunderbolt trigger chance upon getting hit from 30% to 100%.
       Increased the DUR bonus of "Molten Armor" from 12%/24%/36%/48% to 16%/32%/48%/64%.
       Increased the Crit Rate bonus of "Powerful Secondary" from 28%/32%/36%/40% to 36%/44%%/52%/60%.
       Increased the chance of fully reloading the clip for "Tactical Reload" from 8%/16%/24%/32% to 12%/24%/36%/48%.
       Reduced the stack limit of "Mega Shield" from 120/140/160/200 to 100/130/160/200.
       Reduced the damage bonus of "Extreme Firepower" from 90%/100%/110%/120% to 75%/90%/105%/120%.
       1. Added a buff compensation that is granted when teammates exit the game while teamed up.
          If 1 teammate leaves the game, all remaining members of the team get a 12% damage bonus.
          If 2 teammates leave the game, all remaining members of the team get a 30% damage bonus.
       2. New recruitment feature that can be used to recruit teammates who are playing team-up battles.
       3. New in-match chat and Quick Msg feature.
       4. Support for a new appearance-sharing Super Perk. When teamed up with players who have this Super Perk, members can use this player's appearances.
          The usage limit of shared appearances is shared among all modes.
       5. Added a wheel feature. Emoji and Graffiti can now be sent in matches.
       6. Whenever players finish exploring an entire floor while in a team, a Dimension Store will spawn near the portal.
       7. Ammo will now be automatically reloaded upon arriving at the next floor.
       8. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Chat Frames to disappear in the Lobby.
       9. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused some enemies to get stuck in scenarios in extreme situations.
       10. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Elite enemies to be abnormally obstructed by the terrain.
       11. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Data Coins to not drop properly in extreme situations.
       12. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the charge skill used by the "Mandrill Warning Captain" Elite enemy to go beyond the warning area.
       13. Optimized the synchronization performance of bosses when in a team. Special effects and damage settlement will now be displayed at the same time.
       14. Optimized the attack logic of the "Explosive Spider Warning Aircraft" so that it won't immediately self-detonate right after it appears.
       15. Optimized the spawn location and time interval of enemies.
       16. Optimized the display of some tips.
       17. Optimized the display rules of the mini-map to give warnings of enemies more frequently.
       18. Optimized the settlement performance so that the background of the corresponding difficulty will be displayed during the result settlement.
       19. Optimized the matchmaking queue so that players in the simulator queue and players in the mobile device queue can fight in the same Virtual Arena match.

       We're dedicated to creating and maintaining a fair, harmonious environment for competition. We prohibit hacking, scripting, cheatware, and other illegal third-party software, as well as adhering to a zero-tolerance policy regarding any behavior that could adversely affect the gaming experience, such as maliciously teaming up with others. We will regularly release and update the list of offenders for any transgressions related to the issues above, and we welcome reports from any player so we can keep this a fair game for everyone.
       The regularly updated banned list will be announced at the end of every month and can be viewed on official platforms, such as the official channel or communities.
Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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