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February 2 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear players,
       To bring you an improved gaming experience, we will undergo online maintenance on February 2 (UTC+8). Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during this time. Please note you must quit the game and download the update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!
       The stars stay silent while the Milky Way whispers.
       Brave adventurer, listen to the echoes of the universe from the depths of space.
       SS-level "Cosmic Pulse" appearance for Aurora, S-level "DJ Hacker" appearance for Cyrus, S-level "Dark Sunset" appearance for R.E.D, plus many other exclusive weapons, vehicles, and appearances are returning for a limited time!
       The prize pool comes with Premium Pack, Premium Rebate, and Collect for Reward promotions.
       After the pool launches, players of Lv. 10 or higher can get Tickets on the Premium Pack page for the first three days when you log in and play!
       To celebrate the New Year and share tales, the 2024 Spring Festival Chinese Culture themed prize pool will be launched on New Year's Eve!
       S+ "Bi'an Dragon Dance" appearance for Dreadwolf, S+ "Wealth and Prosperity" appearance for Trio of Enders, S+ "Great Delicacies" appearance for Mobius, S-level "Dragon Feast" appearance for Rom, plus many other appearances for weapons and vehicles are here!
       The prize pool comes with Premium Pack, Frequent Draw Rebate, and Collect for Rewards promotions. Collect all the S+ appearances in the prize pool to unlock and claim the new S-level "Solar Flames" flying effects!
       After the pool launches, players of Lv. 10 or higher can get Tickets on the Ticket Pack page when you log in and play.
       Added the new Dark Matter Energy Boost, which deals burst damage after a period of time and grants greater control over the battlefield. Exclusive attributes: Floating Sword, Soul Captivation
           Dark Edge: After marking the target with a certain number of stacks, summons a Shadow Sword that deals lots of damage. 
           Soul Captivation: Controls non-elite enemies and makes them assist friendly units in battle. Damage can be dealt to controlled enemies during this time.
       The details and display actions of the pilot models for Ning, Rom, and Joanna have been optimized. Players will now be able to interact with these refreshed pilots in the game!
       1. Returning Skins Assistance
       Complete daily missions to get Glowsticks. Players can vote for the prize pool they like to decide which prize pool will return next!
       2. Deluxe Gift Giveaway
       A limited-time special offer for the pilot Vita. Complete random missions daily to get Tickets. You are guaranteed to get Vita's A-level "Silver Star" appearance within 20 draws!
       3. Ancient Kyoto's Gift
       From February 2 to February 16, complete daily missions and weekly missions to redeem the A-level "Floating Gate" appearance for Gun Shield!
       4. Trials of Ancient Kyoto
       From February 2 to February 16, try out an A-level skin for Kikina on the first day and complete missions every day to claim a permanent skin!
       Increased the Jump Altitude bonus of the "Leap Enhancement" power module from 10%/25%/40% to 15%/30%/45%.
       Increased the automatic accumulation speed of thermal energy from 40/s to 50/s.
       Increased the Fuel Recovery Rate from 9.7/s to 10.5/s.
       Increased the attack range of the "Set Photon Turret" secondary weapon by 10%.
       Reduced the cooldown of the "Double Dragon Bash" tactical skill from 8.5s to 8s.
       Increased the Movement Speed bonus of the "Berserk Dragon" power module from 4%/8%/10% to 6%/9%/12%.
       Increased the slow effect of the "EMP Interference" attack module from 5%/10%/15% to 8%/12%/16%.
       Increased basic Shield from 550 to 600.
       Reduced the cooldown of the "Elegant Steps" tactical skill from 8.5s to 8s.
       Increased basic Shield from 600 to 700.
       Increased the "Raging Wave Shuriken" secondary weapon's damage vs. mecha from 216 to 224.
       Guerilla Hunter
       Reduced the time required to fully reload the clip of the "Auto-Loading Holster" attack module from 7/5/3s to 5/4/3s.
       Increased the amount of additional Shield granted by the "Shield Charge" defense module after hitting enemies with a tactical skill from 60/75/90 to 80/100/120.
       Increased the Shield restoration granted to allied mecha by the "Guardian Shield" defense module from 120/140/170 to 120/160/200.
       Increased the damage vs. pilots of the first 3 missiles fired by the "Burst Assault Cannon" primary weapon in human form from 20 to 24.
       Slightly increased the amount of Energy recovered when dealing damage with the secondary weapon in vehicle form.
       Slightly increased the Movement Speed while gliding while in its tactical skill form.
       Sensor Mine Launcher
       New effect for all levels: After firing Sensor Mines, increases Sensor Mines' damage by 5% per second, up to 50%.
       Plasma Missile
       Increases the Plasma Missile's damage vs. mecha at all levels by 10% while it is in flight.
       Laser Gun
       Reduced the Laser Gun's damage vs. mecha at all levels by 5%.
       · Refined the mechanics of the "Leap Enhancement" power module for Firefox to align its actual effect with expectations.
       · Optimized the performance and gameplay experience of Skylark when gliding.
       · Optimized Jump-related mechanics for Ventorus, Alborada, Akashic, Flamenco, Tempest, Firefox, and Skylark.
       · Optimized the shot mechanics of Shiranui's secondary weapon to align its shooting effects in extreme terrain with expectations.
       · Optimized the EX effects of Ventorus' SS-level Yamata no Orochi, Ancient Serpent, and Great Deity of Miwa appearances.
       · Optimized the display of some aspects of the League Pass.
       · Fixed an issue that caused some sound effects of Flamenco's SS-level "Fallen Heart Ape" appearance to become abnormal.
       · Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Gems to drop outdoors after killing a player carrying a Gem indoors in Total Annihilation Mode.
       · Adjusted the sub-bullets of Hotsteel's primary weapon so that it has a chance to trigger elements.
       · Adjusted the following effect when Skylark is upgraded to Lv. 10/20: Shield restoration can only be triggered after the secondary weapon hits and returns.
       · Adjusted the following effect when Flamenco is upgraded to Lv. 10: Shield restoration can only be triggered after the secondary weapon hits.
       · Fixed an issue that caused Raven to deal fully-charged "Light Explosion" and "Explosive Blast" damage without charging when using the Photon element.
       · Added Mecha Shards to Raven and Ventorus' achievement rewards.
       · Added missions for Ventorus and Raven to Weekly Missions.
       · Adjusted the values of many Mecha Breakthroughs and Energy Boosts to make the performance of various mechas and Energy Boosts more balanced in combat.
       · Adjusted the reclaim price of Energy Boosts in the Battlefield Store from 180 to 150.
       · Adjusted the effect of the "Rock Shield" Extreme Ore element: Gain 40 Armor for each stack of Rock Shield. Lose 1 stack of Rock Shield every time damage is taken. Rock Shield stacks up to 5 times (damage reduction increases with Armor).
       · Added a Status Bar display feature that is activated when the Energy Boosts "Photon Illumination," "Optical Breakdown," "Synergetic Radiance," "Earth Guardian," "Rock Wall Reflection" and "Ultimate Energy Core" are ready to be used.
       · Optimized the action logic and values of all enemies in Chapter 2.
       · Reduced the melee attack range of Chapter 2 "Steel Arm" enemies and removed its knockback effect.
       · Increased the range of the Shockwave released by Chapter 2 "Giant Bat" enemies.
       · Increased the size of Chapter 2 "Howling Mole," "Gnasher," and "Blind Mole" enemies.
       · Adjusted the attack mode of Chapter 2 "Howling Mole" enemies to 3 consecutive attacks.
       · Increased the aggressiveness of Chapter 2 "Gnasher" and "Blind Mole" enemies.
       · Fixed an issue that caused Chapter 2 "Demonic Eye" enemies to overlap in extreme situations.
       · Optimized the skills and attack rhythm of Chapter 2 Elite "Mineraceratops" enemies to make them more challenging in battles.
       · Adjusted the skills of Chapter 2 Elite "Primordial Astral" enemies so that they can adapt to battles in complex terrains.
       · Optimized the effects and sound effects of the Chapter 2 Boss "Void Devourer" to make it appear more impressive in battle.
       · Added a prompt that pops up after defeating a Boss.
       · Fixed an issue where the player was considered to be defeated even after defeating the Boss in extreme situations.
       · Mecha will now automatically stop moving forward when a Boss enters the battle.
       · Fixed an issue that caused Bosses' HP bar to not be displayed in extreme situations.
       · In team-up battles played at Hell difficulty, Bosses will now summon additional Elite enemies.
       · Fixed an issue that caused enemies to get stuck due to the collision of models in extreme situations.
       · Optimized the performance of the Mini Arthur pet's "EMT Blade" skill so that it will now release sword attacks at the target when the skill is triggered.
       · Optimized the interaction logic of the Pets screen so that pets deployed in battle/preparation slots will appear at the top of the list on the left.
       · Added atmospheric lighting that changes according to the difficulty level to Chapter 2.
       · Added information tips to loading screens.
       · Added time-limited challenge missions.
       · Added damage details and Energy Boost details to the Results page.
       · Added a positioning feature to the Virtual Arena Rankings. Ranked players can now tap their own results to locate their ranking.
       · Adjusted the rules of the Virtual Arena Rankings so that stage-clear attempts that have been saved 1 time or less will be counted.
       · Adjusted the difficulty requirements of some stage-clear achievements.
       · Fixed an issue that caused some Stores and Supply Crates to appear in the wrong location in Chapter 1 Stage 3 in extreme situations.
       · Fixed an issue that caused Stores to not appear in Chapter 2 Stage 4 in extreme situations.
       · Fixed an issue that caused the portal guide to automatically disappear when clearing Chapter 2 in extreme situations.
       · Fixed lighting errors in some scenarios.
       · Fixed model display errors in some scenarios.
       · Fixed an issue that caused matches played in Virtual Arena Mode to not count towards team-up missions.
       · Fixed a display issue affecting the text of some achievements.
       · Optimized the content of reminders that pop up when Chapter 2 is locked.
       · Optimized the red dot logic and interaction experience of achievements, the story, and the Missions system.
       · Removed some missions involving restrictions on the number of times Energy Boosts or Mecha Breakthroughs can be used.
       We're dedicated to creating and maintaining a fair, harmonious environment for competition. We prohibit hacking, scripting, cheatware, and other illegal third-party software, as well as adhering to a zero-tolerance policy regarding any behavior that could adversely affect the gaming experience, such as maliciously teaming up with others. We will regularly release and update the list of offenders for any transgressions related to the issues above, and we welcome reports from any player so we can keep this a fair game for everyone.
       The regularly updated banned list will be announced at the end of every month and can be viewed on official platforms, such as the official channel or communities.
Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!


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