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April 30 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice


Dear players,
       To bring you an improved gaming experience, we have an online maintenance scheduled on April 30 (UTC+8). The top-up and matching features may be unavailable during this time. Please note that you must close the game and download the update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!
        [Memory Replay Prize Pool will be available starting at 0:00 on May 1]
       When the disaster comes, when everything collapses, where will the knight's sword finally point at?
       Come on! The battlefield is in this Mecha!
       Arthur's Class S+ appearance Calamity Knight, Pulsar's Class S+ appearance Eden's End, Purity's Class S appearance Eden Witness, and many exclusive new weapon vehicle appearances are here!
       The prize pool comes with Ticket Pack, Frequent Draw Rebate, and Collect To Get Reward perks. Collect all the appearances in the prize pool to unlock and claim the new Stardust flying effects!
       After the pool becomes available, players at Lv. 10 or higher can get Tickets on the Ticket Pack page when they log in and play.
       From May 1 to May 6, all chapters of the Virtual Arena on Normal difficulty will be available to everyone for a limited time.
       Keep the unlocked data after clearing the stage. Try it out on the new battlefield!
       1. Snow Mirage
       Increased the primary weapon Sniper Rifle's Limb Location DMG vs. Mecha from 774*0.8 to 774*0.85.
       2. Skyfire
       Increased the primary weapon, Explosive Barrage's DMG vs. Mecha in vehicle form from 420 to 450.
       Increased the primary weapon, Explosive Barrage's DMG vs. pilot in vehicle form from 60 to 75.
       Increased the slowing effect of the Concussive Shock Core Module on enemies in the blasting area from 10% to 20%.
       3. Firefox
       Increased the duration of the Defensive Evasion tactical skill's temporary Shield from 4s to 5s.
       The explosion range of the Raging Missile Core Module is increased by 20%.
       4. Boltus
       Increased the lightning damage of the primary weapon Lightning Bolt at full lightning marks from 200 to 225.
       5. Andromeda
       Decreased the Fuel Consumption for Levitation from 8.4/s to 7.7/s.
       6. Doomlight
       Increased the Set Photon Turret secondary weapon's damage vs. Mecha from 64 to 72.
       Increased the Set Photon Turret secondary weapon's damage vs. pilot from 15 to 18.
       7. Ranger
       Increased the Ranger Collision tactical skill's damage vs. mecha from 255 to 270.
       8. Tempest
       Increased the Gale Kunai primary weapon's damage vs. mecha from 88 to 90.
       - Lowered the difficulty of completing Daily Missions.
       Damage dealt by Fully Automatic Firearm reduced from 1500 to 700.
         Sniper rifle damage reduced from 800 to 300.
         Shotgun damage reduced from 800 to 300.
         Damage dealt by Special Ammo Firearm reduced from 1500 to 300.
         Damage dealt by Lethal Launcher reduced from 2000 to 1000.
         Kills with secondary weapon reduced from 5 to 2 kills.
         - Adjusted what random missions appear in Daily Missions. Now, the same type of missions will not appear at the same time.
         - Fixed the issue of playing the enemy reinforcement effect multiple times in the same place under extreme conditions.
         - Fixed the issue where some models couldn't be seen on iOS devices at the highest graphics quality under extreme conditions.
         - Optimized the effect prompts of some enemies and bosses in Chapter 3.
         - Optimized the issue where turret-type enemies may overlap in extreme situations.
         - Optimized the combat experience in some stages.
         - Adjusted the collision position along the edges in level 3-8.
       We're dedicated to creating and maintaining a fair, friendly, yet competitive environment. We do not allow hacking, scripting, cheatware, and other illegal third-party software, and we adhere to a zero-tolerance policy regarding any behavior that could harm the gaming experience, such as working with others when you are supposed to fight them. We will regularly take action on the players who violate the issues above, and we welcome reports from any player so we can keep this a fair game for everyone.
       The regularly updated banned list will be announced at the end of every month and can be viewed on official platforms, such as the official channel or communities.
Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!


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